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    C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp, 3PK

    The C3 Penis Clamp is an external urethral clamp or Incontinence Clamp that is inexpensive and comfortable solution for men to maintain Urinary Control. Designed to manage mild to moderate male incontinence, the C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp is placed around the penis to restrict the flow of urine without restricting the flow of blood. The C3 Clamp is contoured with a cradle shape that clamps evenly around the penis. The soft foam construction of the C3 Penis Clamp is comfortable for the incontinence patient and provides pressure only where it is needed—upon the urethra. Since the C3 Penis Clamp is disposable and priced accordingly, male incontinence patients replace it regularly at intervals, maintaining better hygiene than with most other penile clamps.


    C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp Features & Benefits

    • The C3 Penile Clamp is effective for mild to moderate urinary incontinence.
    • Compact design is easily concealed, the C3 Clamp provides a dignified incontinence management solution.
    • Snug fitting stays in place without shifting.
    • An incontinence compression device that does not impede blood flow.
    • More economical than incontinence pads, incontinence briefs, bed underpads, ect.
    • Low maintenance requirements.

    C3 Incontinence Clamp Specifications

    • Equipped with a urethral occlusion pad that is placed against the urethra.
    • Elastic plastic strap is adjustable to the needs of the individual incontinence patient.
    • Size Options: Regular, Large.
    • Shipped in discreet packaging.
    • Fitting Range: 2-1/2 to 5-1/2 Inch.

    C3 Penile Clamp Sizing Instructions

    1. Using a flexible tape measurement device, measure a non-erect penis at room temperature.
    2. Wrap the tape measurer around the penis, one to two inches from the body.
    3. With the tape measurer snug around the penis, read the number in inches of the circumference of the penis.
    4. Select the appropriate C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp according to the measurement below:
      • Regular Size: 2-1/2 to 4 Inches (6cm to 10cm).
      • Large Size: 4 so 5-1/2 Inches (10cm to 14cm).


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