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    Nova Cane Holder for Walkers & Rollators

    Innovative cane holder attaches to any walker and provides a perfect and secure home for your cane. ***Fits canes with a 7/8" diameter***

    Nitro Cup Holder

    Choose between Nitro & F22 Cup Holder or Nitro Spirit Cup Holder.

    Cane Holder for Nitro, F-22, Sprint Rollator

    Universal cane holder- please use drop down for Nitro/F-22 or Nitro Sprint Rollator

    Basket For Dolomite Walkers

    Metal wire basket with hooks, to hang on walker frame.

    Longer Handle With Grip And brake Housing

    This set of handles will add up to 5″ in height to the Rollaider™Rollator

    Upwalker Accessories

    Choose from any of our UpWalker accessories to add functionality to your UpWalker!

    **Not for use with Upwalker Lite**

    Seat Pad For Dolomite Rollator

    Foam seat pad fits Dolomite Legacy, Maxi, Symphony, Futura and Alpha models. May help with a little comfort when seated for long period of time.

    Tray for Dolomite Rollators

    Acrylic tray with edges allows you to carry small items or beverages. Any spills can be contained. Tray has rubber feet to fit on depressions on seat of walker. Easily removed when you want to sit.

    Brake for F22 or Nitro

    FEATURES • Has a tension control that allows for individual setting for each rear wheel • Ensures more control and prevents the rollator from rolling away on an incline

    NOVA Accessories 8 Rollators * STAR SERIES

    Products From NOVA STAR SERIES; Nova Cane Holder for Walker/Rollator or Swivel Cup Holder for Rollator

    Nitro HD: Bag

    The tote bag for the Drive Medical Nitro HD rollator is made especially for that model. The tote bag is among the most commonly purchased mobility aid accessory as a tote bag offers the convenience of allowing the user to take their essentials along while leaving their hands free to push the rollator.

    Nighthawk O2 Holder RLEU10-02

    Compatible with both Standard NightHawk and NightHawk XR HD Models Fits C & D tanks

    Low Seat Rollator with Loop Brakes, Padded Seat, and Basket in Blue

    The Karman R-4100 Series Rollator is a highly maneuverable fall prevention aid designed with a lower seat for individuals requiring a compact and lightweight personal mobility aid. Lighter than most two-wheel walkers at only 11 pounds, this durable and reliable rollator delivers the convenience you want at a price you can’t pass up. The Karman R-4100 4 Wheel Rollator features 6″ casters for unbeatable control over uneven surfaces, making it an ideal everyday rollator for use both indoors and out. Ergonomic handles and loop lock breaks are included standard, providing added convenience and comfort for users with weak grip or arthritis.

    ToteBag for Nitro/F-22, CrossFrame Attachment

    ToteBag Accessory compatible for the Nitro and F-22. Choose from 3 different color options.

    Alpha Advanced Rollator- ACCESSORIES ONLY

    Accessories for the Alpha Advanced Rollator: Plarform support and One hand brake; each purchased separately.

    Steady Rollator & Wheelchair Carrier

    The Steady Rollator & Wheelchair Carrier is the most convenient way to take your wheelchair with you wherever you go. You no longer have to choose between carrying your wheelchair in your trunk or back seat. Each sold separately.

    EZ Fold-N-Go Accessories

    Accessories for the Fold-N-Go Walker & Rollator. Choose Walker-Rollator Tray or Replacement Glides for walker. Each sold separately.

    Cell Phone Holder for Nitro Sprint and Nitro Glide Knee Walker

    The Universal Nitro Cell Phone Holder is designed to fit on all Nitro products with built-in accessory mount to provide convenience at every turn.

    Nitro Sprint Rollator Tray

    The Nitro Sprint Tray is designed to fit on the Nitro Sprint Rollator to provide convenience at every turn.

    Rollator Accessories