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    Nitro Cup Holder

    Choose between Nitro & F22 Cup Holder or Nitro Spirit Cup Holder.

    Cup Holder for Nitro & F22

    • Securely holds cup or bottle
    • Fits all Nitro models
    • Tool free installation

     Cup Holder For Nitro Sprint

    • ThisCup Holder is designed to fit on the Nitro Spring rollator with built-in accessory mount to provide convenience at every turn
    • Securely holds cups, water bottles, and travel mugs all at an arms reach


    • Cup holder dimensions: 4.1" L X 4.3" W X 4.4" H

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    Cane Holder for Nitro, F-22, Sprint Rollator

    Universal cane holder- please use drop down for Nitro/F-22 or Nitro Sprint Rollator

    Nitro Aluminum Rollator

    Travel in style with the sleek design of the Euro-Style Nitro Rollator. This rolling walker is cleverly engineered with a comfortable seat, convenient storage bag, adjustable height handles, and large 10” front casters for seamless rolling. With the brake cables inside the lightweight frame, the rollator walker provides a safe experience when you are out and about.

    DRIVE Oxygen Tank Holder for F-22 or Nitro rollator (EACH)

    Oxygen tank holder for exclusive use with Drive’s Nitro/F-22 Accomodates the most commonly used tank sizes (ML6/A tanks, M4/A tanks, M9/C tanks, M6/B tanks, M15/D tanks) Conveniently attaches to the Nitro’s front end without affecting any of the Nitro’s functionality **FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0003**

    BioSkin Hinged Knee Brace- Wraparound

    A lightweight and highly-adjustable hinged knee brace. The BioSkin Hinged Knee Brace provides compression and support to the knee joint. The bi-centric, aluminium hinges are made of high-grade aluminum to deliver sufficient support while being lightweight and low profile. Made of our proprietary 2SL material, the unique wraparound design allows for tremendous adjustability in a knee brace and a customized fit because the entire front side is Velcro compatible.