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    Repose Care Sit w/ Cover and Pump

    Pressure Relief When Seated in a Wheelchair or Chair.
    Product #: 263511RF

    Repose Care-Sit is a cushion for use with chairs and wheelchairs. The seat and back sections work together to provide pressure relief, not only for the buttocks, but also the back and spine, reducing the risk of pressure injury.

    It also provides high levels of comfort for individuals spending prolonged periods in a chair or wheelchair.

    Repose Care-Sit consists of two separate sections, each fitted with its own valve for inflation.

    Repose Care-Sit is supplied inside a unique and easy to use manual pump, enabling the cushion for pressure sores to be inflated and ready for use within seconds.

    Dimensions: (L)37 x (W)18 x (H)3 inches

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