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    Pronex Cervical Traction

    Easy to use cervical traction treatment in the comfort of one's home.


    • The user-friendly Pronex® Pneumatic Traction device comfortably supports the head and the natural curve of the cervical spine.
    • Exerts force evenly and gently without aggravating the temporomandibular joint.
    • Head and neck are cradled on two soft foam cushions when reclined. One cushion supports the occiput and the other rests against the upper trapezius.
    • An air-inflated bellows between the cushions provides up to 35 lbs. (16kg) of continuously adjustable traction. As the bellow expands, it lifts the head upward, supporting the cervical curve and maintaining an even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs.
    • Lateral neck flexion of 15° to 25° can be obtained by utilizing chin tuck protocol.
    • User controls the amount of traction applied by squeezing an inflator bulb to increase pressure, and using a knob to gently release traction.
    • Includes lightweight carrying case, head strap, operation manual, and flexion wedge
    • No assembly required


    • To size, measure neck circumference
    • Regular: 14 to 16 inches
    • Large: 16 to 18 inches

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