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    Triton DTS 6E Traction Table

    Sporting a selection of sophisticated features, the Triton® 6E employs modern technology to help put the clinicians in total control with the touch of a button. Fully electric and highly adjustable, when combined with one of our Triton traction units, this premium table helps provide the best possible support for practitioners looking to push their traction treatment to the next level in innovation. One of the most advanced electric traction tables, powered by 6 modern actuators, assist in friction-free movement of head, pelvic, chest and leg sections.
    • Ideally positioned hand remote control allows for easy access around the table.
    • 6-section treatment table to provide maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for manual and traction therapy.
    • Pelvic tilt section can be adjusted from 0° to 20° to aid flexion of lumbar spine and to help address pelvic asymmetry.
    • Head piece can be repositioned from -30° to +40° to allow easy access to thoracic and cervical spine.
    • Atmospheric LED light system in table frame, with cycling or fixed modes. Tuck-away grab bars for hanging traction without thoracic restraint.
    • Heated cushions provide greater patient comfort.
    • Easy to transport and secure once in place.
    • Upholstery available in Black, Blue, Black & White, or Graphite Grey

    Technical Specifications

    • Mains Power: 120V ~ 50/60 Hz
    • Current: Max 2A with 120V
    • Dimensions:
      • Total: 90.5” x 37” x 31”
      • Head/Back Section: 28”
      • Middle Section: 8.6”
      • Pelvic Section: 10”
      • Leg Section: 30”
      • Width: 27.5”
    • Adjustment:
      • Height” 19” – 37”
      • Angle Inclination: Head Section -30° to +40°, Pelvic Section 0° to 20°, Leg Section 0° to 45°
      • Displacement: Leg Section 4”
    • Heating Temperatures: 95° & 100.4° F
    • LED Lighting: 7 Colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Lilac, and Purple) and Fade Option
    • Dynamic Lifting Capacity: 440lbs
    • Maximum Workload: 605lbs
    • Weight: 440lbs
    • Electrical Safety Class: Class I, Type B
    • Safety Tests: CE, Class I Rule 12
    • Table Weight: 494 lbs
    Mains Power:120 V - 50/60 Hz
    Current:Max 2A with 120V
    Total*90.5 x 37 x 31 inches
    Head / Back section28 inches
    Middle section8.6 inches
    Pelvic section10 inches
    Leg section30 inches
    Width27.5 inches

    19 inches

    37 inches

    Angle Inclination

    Head Section -30° to + 40°

    Pelvic Section 0° to 20°

    Leg Section 0° to 45°

    DisplacementLeg Section 4inches
    Heating Temperatures:95° & 100.4° F
    LED Lighting:7 Colors & FADE option
    Dynamic lifting capacity:440 LBs
    Maximum workload:605 LBs
    Weight:440 LBs
    Electrical Safety Class:Class I, Type B
    Safety Tests:CE, Class I rule 12
    Table Weight:494 LBs
    Average Shipping Weight:550 LBs
    Shipment Dimensions:92.5 x 37.4 x 31.5 inches
    * Dimensions are listed as L x W x H