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    Pre-Cut Carbon Pre-Filter For HPA300 Series Air Purifiers - 4 Pack (Filter A)

    Honeywell Pre-Cut Carbon Pre-Filters effectively deodorize the air and trap larger particles such as dust, lint, fibers and pet fur. Enjoy the many comforts associated with surrounding yourself with a pristine breathing experience all year round. This year supply of (4x) Genuine Honeywell Filters is extremely efficient in capturing particular household gases such as ammonia and the gases from cleaning products, paint and furnishing.
    Product #: 2HRFA300HW
    • Honeywell Replacement Filter A
    • Helps capture larger airborne particles such as dust, lint, fibers, pet hair & fur from the air that passes through the filter, maximizing the HEPA filter life
    • Activated carbon helps reduce common household odors
    • Package contains a year's supply of (4) carbon pre-filters
    • Product Dimensions: 14.2 x .2 x 17.3 in
    • Pre-cut to fit HPA300 series
    • Designed exclusively to fit Honeywell Models: HPA300, HPA304, HPA3300, HPA5300 and HPA8350.