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    Omo Neurexa Plus

    Shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) after stroke, hemiplegia, spinal disc herniation in the cervical spine, injuries of the brachial plexus, and peripheral nerve damage
    Chest Circ.
    S34.3 - 37.0 in (87 - 94 cm)
    M37.8 - 40.2 in (96 - 102 cm)
    L40.6 - 43.3 in (103 - 110 cm)
    XL43.7 - 46.5 in (111 - 118 cm)

    Features and benefits

    • Positively influences the proprioceptors, which benefits the sensorimotor system
    • Able to be worn during rehabilitation and training
    • Silicone band and textile structure support positioning of the orthosis to prevent slipping
    • Ease-of-use with colored guide buttons
    • Soft TriTech material for excellent wearer comfort
    • Soft edges to prevent chafing and sores
    • Silicone muscle stimulation pad
    • Machine wash at 104˚ F (40˚ C)


    • Realigns humeral head in socket
    • Improves body posture through increased sensorimotor control and a more physiological gait pattern
    • Supports arm position in extension with slight exterior rotation
    • Reduces spasticity of the upper limbs
    Products specifications
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