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    Impacto 502-20 Anti-Impact Gloves, Fingerless, Pair

    Fingerless leather glove with stretchy nylon back. Soft grain leather palm cover. Impact and shock absorbing VEP padding in the palm and between the thumb and index finger. LEATHER TOOL GRIP – THUMB WEB PAD
    • Provides protection from impact, vibration and abrasion
    • Protects the thumb web area from cumulative trauma such as bruising from gripping tools
    • Great for use with hand tools and power tools
    • Sold as a pair

    Gloves Sizing Chart

    Proper size is important. To determine glove size, measure the hand circumference across the knuckles at the base of the fingers. For gloves with wrist support, use glove sizing. When ordering it is best to order smaller than your normal size.

    Impacto Size

    Hand Size

    Hand Circumference



    6" - 7", 15 - 18 cm



    7" - 8", 17 - 20 cm



    8" - 9", 20 - 23 cm



    9" - 10", 23 - 25 cm



    10" - 11", 25 - 28 cm



    11"+, 28 cm+

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