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    Weighted Utensil

    Contoured handle is weighted for stability.
    • These Weighted Utensils have 8 oz. (227 g) of additional weight completely enclosed in the 1" (2.5 cm) diameter handle.
    • Easy to grasp and shaped to fit the fingers
    • The heavier, oversized handle adds stability and control, and is ideal for persons with limited hand function, Parkinson's disease, tremors or spasticity. 
    • Plastic handle measures 4-1/2" (11cm) long. 
    • Dishwasher safe up to 125° F (52°C).
    • Colors may vary.
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    Weighted Pen & Refills

    A great therapeutic aid with exclusive “pencil grip” technology! This unique, perfectly balanced pen reduces fatigue while increasing muscle strength. A weighted pen decreases hand tremors, improves legibility and prevents writer's cramp. Weighs approximately 4.3 oz. Black ink. Retractable. Pen barrel color black. The grip is metallic black.

    Clip-On Food Guard

    The Clip-On Food Guard is designed to make scooping food onto forks and spoons easier for people who struggle to eat independently. The plastic plate guard uses three prongs to attach to any plate and a 8" to 10-3/4" (27cm) diameter to create a wall on the end of the plate. Preventing spills and scooping food is especially important for the elderly, disabled, and handicapped. For individuals with weak grip and limited hand function, this food guard can be combined with a thick, rubber-handled utensil to make single-handed eating easier.

    Neoprene Weighted Gloves

    Pair of neoprene weighted gloves for Cardio & Heavy Hands.

    Sip-Tip Drinking Cup With Lid & One-way Valve & 10 straws

    Sip-Tip makes drinking easier for individuals with difficulties generating and maintaining suction. The set includes: 1 eight oz. tumbler, 1 spill-resistant lid, 10 One-Way Straws