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    Patented solution for children and adults who are confined to wheelchairs. The product comfortably and gently holds the head upright in a versatile, non-restrictive manner. Suitable for all wheelchairs equipped with a head rest and special car seats.
    Product #: 23356HA
      • Highest quality materials and standard compliance
      • Crash tested
      • Attaches easily to any wheelchair headrest
      • Fits any car seat
      • Machine washable
      • 3 forehead arc size options available, you can adjust the exact fit to any user.


    Many people who are confined to wheelchairs are unable to hold their heads upright to various extents. This negatively affects their day to day life, from functional difficulties to dignity and self-esteem issues.


    A solution that will enable comfortable and stable head support for the user while seated in the wheelchair, special safety car seat, stroller or any other special needs device equipped with a head rest. This will reduce neck discomfort and will enable smoother breathing, easier feeding and swallowing, better communication and of course much improved napping.


    HEADALOFTTM provides life changing benefits:

    • Improves body symmetry

    • Allows for smoother breathing

    • Easier feeding and swallowing

    • Enhanced communication and social engagement

    • Enables eye gaze control and enjoyment of entertainment

    • Ergonomic neck support

    • Quality napping while in the wheelchair or car seat

    • Prevention of neck pressure sores


    Highest quality materials and standard compliance

    Attaches easily to any seating and mobility headrest

    Crash tested

    Fits most car seats

    Machine washable