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    Handy Handle, Red

    The Handy Handle provides an easier grip and better leverage while helping someone stand from a couch, car, bed, or toilet. It’s ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip and eliminates awkward grabbing or arm pulling.
    Product #: 2320073S

    EFFICIENT: Requires less energy to stand
    ERGONOMIC: Non-slip padded grips
    PORTABLE: Take with you anywhere

     4.5″ L x 9.5″ W

    ·         Weight capacity: 350



    1. Both persons grasp the Handy HandleTM with both hands.

    2. Move to the edge of the chair, bed, bench or standard seat.

    3. While holding firmly, the sitting person should lean forward.

    4. Both person's feet should have traction with the ground and say "ready, set, go" and begin standing on the word "go".

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