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    Hamilton Captel 840i Real-time closed captioned telephone

    People with hearing loss can easily connect with family, friends, colleagues and medical professionals again - without missing a word.
    Product #: 2B005GQTLJOA
    • A Hamilton@ CapTel@ captioned phone works just like a standard phone When it rings, you answer it. lf you need to make a call, you just dial - but with this phone, you see captions of what's being said in large, easy-to-read print on an integrated screen. Captioning service is provided at no-cost anywhere in the U.S.,24/7.
    • Large buttons, easy-to-read backlit display for people with low vision, and an integrated answering machine captions your messages.
    • Supports Caller lD and includes a built-in personal directory, allowing you to easily store and dial more than 95 names and phone numbers; Dial-By-Photo capable. Bluetooth@ and Wi-Fi compatible. 
    • Adjustable volume control (up to 40dB gain) ensures comfortable listening levels. 
    • 1) Telephone Service - Can be analog, digital cable, DSL, VolP, FIOS.
    • 2) High-Speed lnternet (Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi)
    • 3) Standard electrical power.