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    SoloGrip Opener

    Revolutionary design makes it easy to open jars and bottle with one hand!
    Product #: 217142KE

    The SoloGrip One-Handed Jar Opener was designed to allow people with arthritis, or with use of a single hand, to easily open jars and bottles.


    • Self-adjusts to a wide range of shapes and sizes from medicine bottles to two liter bottles with no moving parts.
    • Designed to fit standard kitchen drawers for hidden access and storage.
    • Non-slip base provides a secure grip on counter tops.
    • Can be used in conjunction with other lid turning openers.

    SoloGrip One-Handed Jar Opener Specifications:

    • Length: 15-3/4 inches.
    • Width: 8-1/4 inches.
    • Height: 3 inches.
    • Color: White.
    • Made in: USA.
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