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    Halo Safety Ring

    The Universal Halo Safety Ring was designed specifically to assist patients when transferring into and out of bed as well as bedside therapy without fear of falling. The unique circular design of the Universal Halo Safety Ring along with the vertical mounted bar eliminate entrapment concerns while allowing for safe exit points of the head, neck and chest. Durably constructed of steel tubing, the Universal Halo Safety Ring will last for years when properly installed on a compatible bed.

    Adjustable Halo Safety Ring

    Available for Hospital bed with an option for single bar or double bar option and home style bed with single bar option. 

    The Halo Safety Ring is actually a series of grab bars at just about any angle. It provides a secure handhold for getting in or out of bed. When used on a hospital/adjustable bed, the Halo is mounted to the bed deck so that it raises and lowers with the head section. When used on a standard home bed, it mounts below the bed frame and includes a pedestal floor support.

    A bed assist bar is an important piece of equipment to many who need some extra stability when getting in or out of bed. The Halo Safety Ring is a Bed Rail like nothing else out there. It's extremely strong, stable, made from steel and attaches to the upper (moving) portion of the bed frame on hospital beds. Halo Rails are also available for use with regular, at-home or nursing center beds.

    This device is the first to satisfy the guidelines set out by the FDA and the Hospital Bed Safety Work Group, regarding the problem with patient entrapment regularly occurring with the old-style bed rails. The Halo unit is now recommended for all assisted living centers nationwide.

    Most Assisted Living Centers require the Halo Safety Rail. It's innovative design utilizes a lateral mattress stay and a circle mount to eliminate the danger of entrapment on all bed types and provides residents with greater mobility and a sense of security.

    Halo Ring Size: Diameter of the Halo Ring is 12.5 inches.
    Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs
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