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    epX Elbow Band

    Secure, comfortable elbow strap provides additional support and compression to the elbow. Ideal apparel for individuals who play golf and tennis to recover and prevent injuries. Elbow support is ideal for long-term wear and use.
    • Perfect support for the forearm
    • Ideal for tennis and golf players
    • 2" Wide D-Ring
    • Foam pad protection
    • Padded compression
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    Parabath Wax Refill - Unscented 6lbs.

    Ideal for relief of pain and stiffness due to arthritis or injury. Thermostatically controlled from 126° – 134° F. High-temperature-limited thermostat prevents overheating. Stainless-steel tank measures 12" x 6" x 6" deep and accommodates hand, foot, or elbow. DISCONTINUED USE 2514203FEI

    epX Elbow Sleeve w/ Strap

    For mild to moderate elbow strains and sprains. Six-inch sleeve with pull-on design. Circumferential strap and foam pad for added compression. Anatomically contoured fit.

    Carex Lumbar Support Cushion

    Ergonomically designed to provide excellent support to help relieve lower back pain and promote good posture. Highly versatile and can be used at home, at work or when traveling.

    Basic Cervical Pillow - Gentle or Firm Support

    It’s basic, it’s economical, and it works. Core’s most economical foam cervical pillow, Designed to support your neck in its most natural position, the Basic Cervical Pillow conforms to the curvature of your neck and allows you to fully relax.

    WaxWel Paraffin Bath - Accessory Package - 50 Liners, 1 Mitt and 1 Bootie ONLY

    WaxWel® Paraffin Bath - Accessory Package - 50 Liners, 1 Mitt and 1 Bootie ONLY: WaxWel® Paraffin bath accessory package includes 50 liners, 1 terry mitt and 1 terry bootie.