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    epX Elbow Sleeve w/ Strap

    For mild to moderate elbow strains and sprains. Six-inch sleeve with pull-on design. Circumferential strap and foam pad for added compression. Anatomically contoured fit.

    Elbow support with insert and a circular strap over the insert, anatomically sewn.

    epX Elbow Dynamic is indicated for the treatment and prevention of epicondylitis humeri radialis (tennis elbow) an ulnaris (golfer's elbow).

    Also in cases of distortions and contusions, myotendopathies, as well as acute and chronic pain and signs of overexertion.

    Measure the largest circumference of the forearm.

    • Small                9"-10"
    • Medium            10"-11"
    • Large               11"-12"
    • X-Large            12"-14"
    • XX-Large          14"-16"
    Products specifications
    SizeSmall 9"-10" Medium 10"-11" Large 11"-12" X-Large 12"-14" XX-Large 14"-16"
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