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    Energy Light 2U 341N Breast Form - Ivory- 8

    Designed for cool comfort especially for women who perspire frequently due to an active lifestyle, medical treatments, or menopausal symptoms. The three-dimensional pearl surface on the back of the form provides ventilation and allows moisture to evaporate. Combine this with integrated patented Comfort+ temperature-equalizing technology (made by Outlast®) that helps absorb body heat behind the form and she has even more all day, every day comfort.
    • Unique three-dimensional pearl surface on the back of the breast form allows air to flow freely behind the form,increasing air ventilation and moisture evaporation
    • InTouch Light Silicone; An improved silicone formulation, creates an ultra-soft breast form with the most natural appearance and feel possible
    • Average cup fitting, anatomical curve sits under the arm leaving for remaining tissue
    • Symmetrical form in unique Universal shape that is more anatomically shaped for more fitting options
    • Breast form including Comfort+ (30% more than in Natura Comfort+)


      PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material

    Instructions for Use • We recommend wearing the breast forms in the pocket of a well-fitting pocketed bra. Breast forms can also be worn directly against the skin in a well-fitting non-pocketed bra. • The breast forms and breast shapers tolerate chlorine and salt water without any problems. However, they can pick up odours over time (e.g. your body odour or odours of external origin such as chlorinated water), which can last for an indefinite period of time. We therefore recommend the Amoena Aqua Wave for water sports activities. • We do not recommend wearing breast forms or shapers in solariums (sunbeds and tanning beds), saunas, steam baths or when scuba diving. • It is advisable to check the fit of the breast form annually, since body measurements can change due to medication or life circumstances.


    If day-long freshness and cool comfort are priorities for you, the revolutionary new Energy breast form range from Amoena offers the perfect solution. Whether you are exercising, undergoing treatment or experiencing menopausal symptoms, Energy breast forms will help your body to breathe freely.

    Key benefits

    • Unique Comfort+ temperature-regulating technology,helps maintain a constant body temperature
    • Reduces perspiration and increases evaporation rate when temperature rises
    • Weight reduction on Light & Cosmetic forms helps alleviate shoulder, neck and back strain
    • Amoena Energy breast forms are supplied in a soft carry-case for discreet storage.
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