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    Elbow Immobilizer & Stabilizer - Arm Straightening Night Splint

    Why Do I Need an Adult Elbow Splint & Stabilizer? This elbow splint helps prevent your elbow from flexion (bending), while still allowing some arm movement. It can be used for your right or left arm. With sizes ranging from small to large, this elbow stabilizer fits a variety of people, including children, teenagers, and adults.

    Helps Restrain Your Elbow for a Variety of Reasons

    The elbow brace can be used for many things - to prevent movement of an injured arm or prevent further damage to a surgery site. Some of the most common uses of this elbow support for treatment include:


    View our pediatric elbow stabilizer for toddler and babies. This elbow splint is ideal for when your child’s movements must be limited, such as when they have a cleft palate repair or for IV therapy.


    This brace can be used for ulnar nerve entrapment (cubital tunnel syndrome) and ulnar neuropathy treatment. When your ulnar nerve becomes compressed, irritated, or pinched, you might experience an aching pain or tingling sensation on the inside of your elbow. It is one of the main nerves in your arm so keeping it immobilized will help minimize your pain. For even more support, check out our cubital tunnel brace.


    If you are experiencing pain because of a broken elbow, you may want to use this splint after a surgery or when the bones are at low risk of moving out of place and you just want to keep it still.


    After surgery, your elbow may be unstable, weak and/or swollen—all scenarios where you could use support and immobilization. For that reason, this elbow splint can also be helpful post surgery.


    This brace could also be used as an elbow nighttime splint. It will prevent painful movements while you are sleeping or resting and keep your arm in a comfortable position. Sleeping with your elbow bent can increase the pain you are experiencing. Using this brace will help you from bending your elbow too much.

    4 Reasons Why People Love This Elbow Restraint for Adults

    This brace has many features that help it stand out from other elbow splints on the market—both in terms of function, comfort, and fit.

    1. Made out of a Soothing, Plush Foam Material

      The cushioning foam is very comfortable and allows your skin to breathe. Another great feature of this splint is that it is latex-free, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

    2. Stretchable

      It is stretchable for an improved fit and can be used on either the left or right arm. The fasteners are easy to adjust to your desired compression.

      This adult elbow immobilizer brace is available in sizes small, medium and large, fitting elbow circumferences up to 15 inches.

    3. Adjustable Aluminum Splints

      The elbow immobilizer brace includes 5 aluminum splints that are covered by soft plush foam to immobilize the elbow.

      Prevents the elbow from bending while still allowing for some movement

    4. Ideal Size

      The length of this arm immobilizer is an ideal length so it covers a good portion of your arm. Size small has a length of 6 inches, medium with 7 inches, and size large with a length of 10 inches.

    Frequently Asked Questions About this Stiff Elbow Brace

    • Who can wear it? With sizes ranging from small to large, anyone from children to teenagers and adults with petite or muscular body frames are able to wear this arm straightening brace. Our size large will even fit some overweight men and women.

    • How do I know what size to get? To determine your size, please measure the circumference around your elbow joint, in inches.

    • What conditions does this elbow brace treat? This brace is ideal for after cleft palate surgery, IV therapy, night splint, elbow fracture, ulnar nerve, or whenever your elbow needs to be restrained.

    • How do I put it on? To apply, unhook fasteners, and center the elbow splint around your elbow joint. Secure the splint with the fasteners until necessary compression is reached.

    • Can I wear this elbow splint over long sleeved shirts? This elbow wrap can be worn under or over long sleeved shirts, if necessary.

    • How tall is this elbow immobilizer? The height of this elbow brace varies by size. The small is 6” tall, the medium is 7” tall, and the large is 10” tall.

    • What material is it made of? It is made of a soft, latex-free foam.

    • When should I wear it? This brace can be worn throughout the day and at night while you sleep for elbow immobilization.

    • Washing instructions: Make sure all the straps are firmly attached before washing it. It can be machine washed on cold with a mild detergent. Air dry only.

    • Other Features:

      • Can be used for the left or right arm.

      • Includes 5 aluminum splints that are covered by soft plush foam to immobilize your elbow.

      • Stretchable for an improved fit.

    • Color: Striped in blue and white.