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    RCAI MPO 2000

    The MPO 2000® floats the heel to eliminate pressure or friction on the heel, enhancing blood circulation vital to healing. The dynamic flex action supplies continuous counterforce to the plantar surface of the foot assisting in the correction of foot drop, foot and ankle contractures and deformity.

    Multiboot Standard with Fleece Liner

    MultiBoot™ Standard is an affordable contracture and wound care boot that provides maximum heel pressure relief with the added benefit of footdrop protection. The semirigid Kydex® plastic shell is sturdy enough to protect against footdrop yet allows enough flex for limited ambulation (with outsole in place)—even for those with lower extremity weakness. The fully aerated heel aids in wound healing and can accommodate dressings. Anti-rotation bar helps limit unwanted rotation of the hip. Toe plate keeps bedding off the toes, reducing the risk of skin breakdown or contracture. Airy, padded, and fully washable synthetic fleece liner attaches securely to the MultiBoot’s backbone, swaddling the foot in soft fleece while improving patient comfort and compliance. Fits left or right. Kit includes toe plate cover and outsole.

    Multi Podus Ankle Foot Orthosis

    The RCAI Multi Podus® Orthosis with Transfer Attachment has a synthetic sheepskin liner with tan straps is also known as the "Original L'Nard Boot". This cost effective system replaces most other equipment used for bed positioning and functional lower extremity alignment

    FootHold with splint

    FootHold with splint

    Heelift AFO, Smooth, Pack of 1

    Combines heel suspension of a Heelift Boot with ankle-foot-orthosis design. Patients can enjoy greater mobility and foot-drop protection without sacrificing quality heel pressure relief. A polypropylene AFO insert provides at-rest dynamic foot drop protection. Patients can plantar flex the foot without pushing out of the pressure-free heel space.

    Comfy Adjustable Boot

    The Comfy Adjustable Boot features a toe post that is easily adjustable to relieve toe pressure and accommodate variations in foot size. It includes an extender for wider or edematous feet. Dorsiflexion straps can be pulled to the desired degree to prevent plantar flexion. The ankle flap secures to prevent flexing, and a rotator bar can be positioned to control hip and leg retention. Heel floats are included to prevent areas of breakdown. The boot is made with comfortable broadcloth material. All Comfy Boots now come with and antimicrobial surface protector that creates an invisible shield against mold and mildew, stains, bacteria fungus, and algae.

    OrthoPro Passive Night Splint

    A new flexible and economical method to control plantar flexion contractures, address hip rotation and to protect the heel. This version has a permanent walking pad.


    Hip rotation; Foot drop; Not recommended for severe plantar flexion contractures, open wounds, severe spasticity or thrombosis

    ProGait Walker Boot : Large

    The ProGait is our classic walker boot. It has a strong and durable shell with thick foam innersole cushions for the foot. A full bootie encloses the foot and it has pivoting forefoot straps and adjustable calf straps for ideal placement.

    Actimove® Walker boot

    The Actimove® Walker is an ankle immobilization walker for stabilization and post injury management.

    Comfy Boot- Fleece Cover W/Amb. Pad

    For treatment of plantar flexion contractures, foot drop, and internal/external hip rotation. Resilient plantar surface resists plantar flexion. Heel is elevated by shape of orthotic as well as the soft fleece cover in order to prevent/aid in the treatment of pressure areas. Universal sizing. Includes washable one-piece fleece cover and anti-rotation bar. Now available with a transfer sole.

    Complete Cair Boot

    Helps maintain neutral alignment of the foot and to relieve pressure on the heel

    Pro-Tec Night Splint

    Helps alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis while sleeping.

    Replacement Ambulatory attachment

    Replacement Ambulatory attachment for MPO 2000 Active

    The Remedy Pro Off- Loading Shoe

    The Remedy Pro™ Off Loading Shoe helps to reduce forefoot pressure and is indicated for: Forefoot Trauma; Post Surgical Healing; and Diabetic Ulcers or Wounds

    PRAFO Ankle Foot Orthosis

    PRAFO® Orthosis, which is a fully adjustable, custom-fitted AFO that can help manage many of the ankle/foot anomalies your patients present to you.

    Maxxcare Heel Boot, Single

    Relieves the heel from pressure when positioned horizontally. Provides protection from shear and friction, will not disturb normal movements and is offered with a comfortable, secure design that fits all sizes. The Maxxcare heel protector is the first and only heel protector that does all of the following:

    SlimLine Cast Boot, Medium

    DARCO SlimLine Cast Boot can be adapted to fiberglass casts, bulky compression bandages and a variety of wound-care applications, making it one of the most versatile cast shoes on the market.

    Orthotic Boots