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    Don Joy Spider Elbow Pad

    The Spider Pad™ Elbow has a unique honeycomb design that contours for comfortable movement while providing cushioning protection to the elbow with breathable Lycra®.

    IDEAL FOR: Protecting the elbow during basketball, football and volleyball.

    • High impact–resistant foam compared to conventional elbow pads
    • Low–profile and streamlined for protection during contact sports and job–related activities

    Sizes Available

    (Measurement taken at circumference of elbow joint)

    x = 1 = XS7" – 8"17.75 – 20.25 cm
    x = 2 = S8" – 9"20.25 – 22.75 cm
    x = 3 = M9" – 10"22.75 – 25.25 cm
    x = 4 = L10" – 11"25.25 – 28 cm
    x = 5 = XL11" – 12"28 – 30.5 cm
    x = 6 = XXL12" – 13"30.5 – 33 cm
    x = 7 = XXXL13" – 14"33 – 35.75 cm
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