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    Replacement Padded Seat for Drive Deluxe Steel Drop-Arm Commode

    Replacement Padded Seat for Drive Deluxe Steel Drop-Arm Commode

    Etac Parts & Accessories for Clean & Swift Mobil Chairs

    These parts and accessories are compatible with both Etac Clean and Swift Mobil chairs. For adults or children who require long-term use of a shower and/or commode chair. This versatile chair provides years of rust-proof use. Frame is designed with no welds. Powder-coated for durability with plastic wheels and screws to further protect from rust.

    Replacement Tips for Bariatric Commode 8583

    Replacement Tips for Bariatric Commode 8583

    Gel Padded Elongated Toilet Seat Cushion

    Provides comfort and maximum pressure relief. Foam base prevents “bottoming out.” Horseshoe shape fits most commercial toilet seats. Enlarged size – 14"W x 18"L x 1.5"H – ensures that there are no exposed toilet seat surfaces. Four permanent straps hold the cushion in place. Vinyl surface is easy to clean with a spray and wipe antibacterial cleaner. 350 lb weight capacity.

    DMI replacement splash guard

    Can be used with most free standing commodes. Easy to handle and convenient to use.

    PreserveTech Secure Lock Raised Toilet Seat

    Most raised toilet seats on the market only offer one locking point of security, creating instability when getting on and off the toilet. To address this issue, Secure Lock Raised Toilet Seat includes three locking points of security. Located on the front, left and right side providing the highest level of stability and security on a raised toilet seat. This item is for an end user who has very limited mobility/balance and requires a maximum amount of stability/security.

    Toilet Seat Cushion

    Provides extra comfort when sitting on the commode and also helps minimize pressure sores. Use For: bath safety, recovery, post-injury, limited mobility, and daily living aids

    Commode Insert and Cushion For EZee Life Chairs

    Shop here for seat insert and open front seat for 180 and 190 model chairs.

    Splash Guard for Commode

    fits 8450 and 8583

    Swift Mobil Shower Chair Parts & Accessories

    Shop here for Swift Mobil Shower/Commode chair accessories. For adults or children who require long-term use of a shower and/or commode chair. This versatile chair provides years of rust-proof use. Frame is designed with no welds. Powder-coated for durability with plastic wheels and screws to further protect from rust.

    Commode Pail


    Hi-Loo with Arm Supports, Fixed 10cm (4")

    Stable and comfortable toilet seat raiser with fixed mounting Etac Hi-Loo with fixed mounting is a discreet toilet seat raiser, that fits most toilets and attaches firmly and securely to the toilet. The ergonomically designed seat has recesses at the back and the front, providing convenient intimate hygiene. The arm supports are foldable but can be permanently fixed in the folded down position. Hi-Loo can be used with only one arm support if space is limited. Hi-Loo fixed is available in two heights and with or without arm supports.

    Carebag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad- Box of 20

    Commode or Bedpan Liner: 20-1/2 x 15-3/4 Inch, Pad: 5-1/8 x 9-7/16 Inch Box of 20 Carebag Commode Liners are award-winning CareBag commode or bedpan liners that seamlessly convert liquids into gel within a matter of seconds. While other, less advanced bedpan liners lack the technology to reduce the spread of germs, these patented CareBag bedpan liners are specifically designed to prevent the spread of hidden pathogens and bacteria, thus decreasing the risk of hospital-acquired infections. This liner fits most Commode Pails or Bedpans and completely eradicates unpleasant odors when closed, creating a hygienic user experience that is both discreet and comfortable.

    Toilet Safety Rails for Elderly

    ♥ STABILITY AND SAFETY: Designed to provide extra support and stability while using the toilet. It can be easily adjusted and attached to the toilet, thereby promoting the safety and stability of the user. Prevents slipping or falling. ♥ ADJUSTABILITY: The structure can easily be adjusted in height, width and length to be the perfect fit for every toilet. The armrests can be adjusted forwards and backwards for more comfortable support. ♥ ACCESSIBILITY: The curvature adapts to the shape of the toilet and grants accessibility when used. ♥ EASY INSTALLATION: No installation or tools required, the structure is easy to adjust. ♥ RECOMMENDED: For elderly, pregnant women and people with reduced mobility.

    Bemis Assurance Clean Shield with Personal Wash Bidet

    This Independence Clean Shield with Personal Wash Bidet is the ultimate clean package. Bundle includes a 3” raised toilet seat, Support Arms, and the Personal Wash Bidet attachment. Together, they offer a thorough cleansing experience that provides independence and dignity during toileting. The Personal Wash Bidet attachment uses an adjustable t-valve to control water pressure, while the twist handle controls water flow to the nozzle. Made for easy, independent use that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. The patented Snap 2 Secure® installation system prevents the seat from wiggling or loosening with use. The seat is made of resilient plastic and features a reverse funnel design that keeps everything in the bowl. Increased seat height eases sitting and standing. Support arms are fully weight bearing and take uneven weight without shifting. This bundle provides independence, security, and a residential appearance that blends in.

    Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat with Support Arms

    Raised toilet seat is elevated 3" to make sitting and standing easier. Innovative shield under the ring keeps everything in the bowl and is easy to clean. Wide, comfortable ring designed to eliminate pressure points and has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. Seat is securely fastened with STAY-TITE fastening system (installation tool included). Support Arms for the Assurance with Clean Shield 3" Raised Toilet Seat provide additional assistance to users. Ergonomic design allows the user to place their hands where they can best support themselves during use. Support Arms are weight bearing and tested to over 300 lbs. per side.

    Comfortuff Contoured Front Open Seat

    18″Wx18″D Comfortuff Contoured Front Open Seat (A-4″xB-6.5″ opening, sloped foam)

    Commode Liners

    The commode liners are universally sized to fit both standard and bariatric commode pails. Reducing splashes and spills, each leak-proof commode liner includes a super absorbent pad that traps unpleasant odors and holds up to 16 ounces. An integrated drawstring also allows for quick, spill-proof disposal.

    Walker/ Commode Tips 1" Gray - 4pk

    Designed for walkers and commodes

    Invacare Splash Shield

    The Invacare Splash Shield is designed for use when commode is placed over the toilet.

    Bucket Key Hole for Combi Chair

    Keyhole Shaped Seat Opening – Appropriate for all patients

    Zum Sp Conversion kit for Zum AP

    **THIS IS NOT THE CHAIR**, ONLY THE PARTS needed for Zum Sp Conversion kit for Zum AP

    Commode Accessories