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    Cervical Traction Device

    The Pettibon Cervical Neck Traction Device gently stretches your neck at your own pace. This device restores neck mobility and relieves pain. The Traction unit includes a fabric doorstop to be used at home and is compatible with most standard height doors.
    Product #: 2TRCTUSAPB


    • The benefits of this device can take as little as 2-3 minutes a day, while the device can be set up in 6 easy steps.
    • Features a fabric doorstop
    • Compatible with most standard height doors


    • Product Size: 16" X 13" X 5
    • Rope length: 35"
    • Doorstop to base of unit: 37"
    • Traction Hook to base of unit: 40"
    • PVC length: 13"