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    Cervical Orthotic Neck Stretcher

    Product #: 2347771A
    • ERGONOMIC NECK & SHOULDER RELAXER: This comfortable, cushioned cervical traction device is designed to alleviate tension, stiff muscles, and soreness in your neck and shoulders to help reduce pain, headaches, and migraines.
    • POSTURE SUPPORT WITH GENTLE STRETCHING: A smarter, more supportive design. Our neck cervical stretcher helps gently position the head to alleviate pressure on the spine at the base of the neck which can improve posture, relieve back pain, focus, and sleep.
    • SMALL, COMPACT & PORTABLE: Our traction device for cervical spine pain relief is sized so you can use it when you’re in bed, lying on the floor in the living room, or trying to relax after long flights or road trips. Ideal for therapy almost anywhere.
    • FIRM, SUPPORTIVE EVA FOAM: Recommended by healthcare professionals all over the world, the StrongTek neck pain relief stretch is made with a high-density EVA foam that’s contoured to your neck to safely simulate organic cervical traction.
    • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT WITH REMOVABLE BASE: We added a small base layer to the bottom of our cervical traction pillow to help you find the proper height for your head, neck, and shoulders. This makes it a smarter choice for both men and women alike.
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