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**MedCenter™ Talking One-Month Medication Organizer

Thirty-one individual boxes—each with four pill compartments—sit in a frame.

MedCenter Your Minder Personal Recording Alarm Clock

RECORD UP TO (6) OF YOUR OWN ALARM MESSAGES to alert users when it's time to take medication, get out of bed, walk the dog, etc.

MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

With the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock, taking your medications on schedule, everyday becomes a part of your daily routine. Set up to 4 Daily Alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A repeating friendly reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take. A/C adapter included.


The MedCenter Organizer allows you to organize a full month’s worth of medication or vitamins at a time. The Organizer features thirty-one individual pill boxes that can be removed and taken with you as needed or remain with the Organizer stand for ease of convenience. Pair the Organizer with the MedCenter Talking Clock and you have a complete monthly medication organizer and reminder system.

Big Button Speaker Phone - White with Black Numbers

This white telephone with black numbers lets you see your incoming calls. Large bright red flashing LED signals incoming calls. High volume receiver. 3 one-touch memory. 10-memory storage. Receiver volume control. Large black numbers for easy dialing. Hands free answering. Ringer, Hi-Lo-Off switch. Flash button. Last number redial. The big buttons measure 1 1/4, while the numbers measure 3/4.

7 Level Communication Builder

7 Level Communication Builder Self-contained communication device allows the user to record and play back from 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 different messages per level. There are 7 levels for recordings for a total of 112 messages (in the 16 window setting) at the touch of a button! Total record time is 300 seconds. Includes 5 sturdy frame/overlays in 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 16 windows. Latex free.

**Med-E-Lert Automatic Pill Dispenser *

Helps to ensure that medications are taken properly and on time.

Ultra Pill Crusher

The Ultra Pill Crusher turns pills into powder for easy swallowing. Includes Ergonomic triangle design for easy handling. Specially designed for easy cleaning.

Talking Radio-Controlled Stainless Watch - Leather

Sleek, stylish stainless steel watch with great features, for the blind and low vision at an affordable price!

Ambutech Alum 5-Section Folding ID Cane- 50-in.

The Ambutech Aluminum 5-Section Folding ID Cane is a uniquely designed lightweight cane primarily intended for low vision individuals who wish to be recognized in difficult situations, but who don't require full mobility assistance. It weighs only about 35-percent of an equal length mobility cane.

Full Page Floor Magnifying Lamp

The hands-free Full-Page Floor Magnifying Lamp illuminates and magnifies your reading materials with distortion-free, 3X magnification. Its 12 bright, non-glare LEDs and large 8" x 10" viewing lens are mounted on a flexible gooseneck arm for easy adjustment. Ideal for hobbies, crafts and needlework, the Full-Page Floor Magnifying Lamp uses energy-efficient LEDs, rated for 5,000 hours of use

Pocket Magnifier

Provides 4.5x magnification. Lens can be stored in pouch. Easy to hold. Limited 6 month warranty.

Screen Magnifier- Table Stand- 360 degree swivel- 3x Power Magnifier

Rose Healthcare 3X-Power Screen Magnifier is perfect for fine print reading and precise mechanical repairs. This screen Magnifier is made of sturdy PVC and ABS Plastic. 3 times powerful Magnifier swivels 360 degrees and has a viewing area of 4-1/4" x 6-1/4".

Eschenbach, 1511-4 Mobilux 4x LED Illuminated Hand-held Magnifier with Diffractive Lens

Eschenbach 1511-4 Hand Held Illuminated Magnifier Mobilux LED Features 4X (16 Diopter) Magnification With a 75 mm x 50 mm Rectangular Lens.

Pathlighter Lighted Walking Cane

The Pathlighter cane shines light at your feet so you can walk with greater assurance and safety.

Curve Talking Clock

The Curve Talking Clock is one of our most popular talking products. Unlike some other low vision clocks, the Curve Talking Clock offers a smooth, curved design with 1/2 inch black numbers on an easy to read LCD display. Some of its key features are an audio time report, hourly time announcement, adjustable volume, an easy to set alarm.

Marsona DS-600 Sound Machine Tinnitus Masker w- Jack

Description: An advancement in sound production for tinnitus sufferers. The Sound Machine features 6 favorite sounds: - Rain, - Surf, - Brook, - Waterfall, - Lake Shore, and - Country Evening.

Pillow Speaker for Marsona DS600 Tinnitus Masker

Pillow Speaker for Marsona DS600 Tinnitus Masker The first pillow speaker soft enough to lay your ear directly on. Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Speaker type: Neodymium-Ferrous-Boron (Rare Earth Magnrt). Super plush washable cover. 6.5 foot cord with 1/8" jack and a high flex cord restraint for reliability.

Low Vision Cutting Board

One side is black to contrast with light colored food you are cutting. The other side is white to define dark foods being cut on this full sized plastic, washable board. It measures 14 1/4" x 9 1/2" x 1/4".

Colored Foam Tubing, Tan 1/4", 1"

Ideal for visually impaired

PROP-IT Low Vision Bookrest

Holds books up to 10 in. wide, 3 in. thick and 10 lb in weight. Elastic band keeps books open while allowing for easy page turning. Ideal for: computer operators, technicians, laboratory researchers, teachers, and students.

Ambutech Alum. 4-Section Folding Cane-Pencil-54-in

The Ambutech Aluminum 4-Section Folding Cane with Slip-On Pencil Tip offers durable and comfortable mobility. Heavy-gauge aluminum construction provides strong joints and an ability to withstand considerable abuse. New joint design provides superior tactile transmission. Cane folds and unfolds with ease. Double elastic cord assembly for added security. Straight handle with flat-sided grip. White reflective tape with a six-inch red stripe. Easy to replace slip-on style pencil tip is molded from long wearing nylon.

Prodigy Voice-Kit

It's so hard to get quality products that work well for those who need them most. That's why the Prodigy Voice Glucose Meter was developed. It will give you a clear reading of your glucose levels- out loud and on the screen.

Telescoping Self Exam Mirror

Telescoping Self Exam Mirror

**Autodrop Eye Drop Guide

Clips into place and positions the bottle at the correct angle over the eye. Special cup prevents blinking by keeping the lower eyelid open while a small pinhole directs eyesight upward and away from the descending drops.

5X Led Stand Magnifier

The SuperMag LED illuminated magnifier offers many attractive features to recommend it for your daily magnification tasks. The LED bulb evenly disperses a bright white light across the entire viewing area, giving you an illumination over the whole magnified area. The LED Bulbs are rated for 100,000 hours and are powered by 3 AA batteries.

3" Lighted Magnifier

Ideal for reading small print in low light.

Tactile Toaster Oven/Broiler

2 large, easy-to-use dials with tactile markings. Raised numbers, letters & dots for 16 settings. Toasts, bakes, broils & keeps warm. 30-minute timer with auto shut-off. Includes Slide/Broil Rack and Bake Pan

Mixed Bump Dots

Convenient multi-pack allows for a variety of uses

Talking Watch

Sleek, stylish stainless steel watch with great features for the blind and low vision at an affordable price! In the USA, the Reizen Talking Radio-Controlled Analog Watch receives a daily signal from the NIST Atomic Clock in Colorado, the nation's timekeeper, ensuring accurate time and even accounting for Daylight Savings changes - so you never have to set it! Time is announced at the simple touch of a button. A second touch of the button gives you the day of the week and the date. Other features include an hourly chime (which may be turned off), alarm, and a large 1-1/4" diameter traditional white analog face with bold black numbers and hands. Stainless steel bezel. Expansion band. Face with bezel is 1-1/2" diameter x 5/8" D. Weighs 6-1/2 oz.

Day-light Sky

The Day-Light Sky features patented BriteZone technology providing 10,000 LUX of white light in a compact footprint.

3.5 X Magnifying Desk Lamp

This little electric desk lamp, with a protected 3.5X magnifying lens that measures approximately 3.3" wide and is remarkable in that it is attractive, functional, affordable and economical.

Cocoon Polarized Glasses, Large Amber

Cocoons® sunglasses are designed to fit over your prescription glasses. The polarized lenses have advanced 360 degree UV protection to block glare and improve contrast, so eyes can remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. These sunglasses are great for anyone wanting to reduce effects of the sun that can potentially cause macular degeneration.

**Day-Light Classic Plus

Day-Light Bright Light Therapy lamps are used by leading university researchers around the world. The NEW Classic Plus emits the maximum dose of 10,000 LUX of glare-free white light at 12-14". Height and angle are easily adjusted, and the pedestal stand projects light downward as recommended by experts. Two light settings, therapy and task, make the NEW Classic Plus the versatile option for those who want the bright light therapy brand chosen by clinicians.

HappyLight Full-Size 10K Light Therapy Lamp

HappyLight Full-Size 10K Light Therapy Lamp

Double Vision Vanity and Suction Cup Mirror

The Double Vision Vanity and Suction Cup Mirror is two mirrors with suction cup rings around the edges. One mirror provides twice the magnification for closer inspection while the other is for more general use. Both mirrors have suction cup edges to hold them in place. The goose neck is flexible to position the mirror at the perfect angle.

Communication Board - Dry Erase - 8 1-2 inches x 11 inches

Great for Messages, Reminders, To-Do Lists & More

e-pill 8 Alarm Vibrating Medication Reminder Watch

Set up to eight alarms per day -- vibrating or audible or both Backlit dial makes it easy to read the time in dim light Count Down Interval Timer - 15 min. to 24 hr. with unique Auto Start Battery: CR2032 (included)

Tactile Long Ring Low Vision Timer - Black Dial

The tactile long ring, low vision timer comes with White Numbers. Specifically designed for the blind and visually impaired. 8 diameter. 1 1/4 numbers. Bold, easy to read, tactile numbers. Easy to use by those with weak hands.

Tile Sticker (2020) 4-pack - Small, Adhesive Bluetooth Tracker, Item Locator and Finder for Remotes, Headphones, Gadgets and More; Waterproof with 3 Year Battery Life

Sticker is easy to attach to things like remotes, bikes and more. Waterproof with a 3-year battery life, you can set it and forget it. Just use our app when you need to find your things.

Jot™ 8.5" Boogie Board tablet, Gray

Jot™ 8.5" Boogie Board tablet, Gray

Tile Slim (2020) - 1 Pack

The new slim is our sleek finder for narrow spaces; It easily slips into wallets and passports or lays flat on electronic devices

iMerciv BuzzClip Wearable Mobility Aid for the Blind

Assistive Device for the Visually Impaired

Miniguide Mobility Aid

The Miniguide Mobility Aids is a handheld device that uses ultrasonic echo location to detect objects in front of the walker. Vibration rates increase as the walker gets closer to the object.

Stella Lighting Stella SKY Floor Lamp

Stella lighting stella sky floor lamp