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    TheraSpecs Light Filter Glasses -Non Prescription

    TheraSpecs provide relief for a wide variety of issues triggered or worsened by light, such as migraines, headaches, photophobia, concussion symptoms, seizures, eye health, and sleep quality. Choose from style frame and lens type. Each sold separately.
    Product #: 25481S

    TheraSpecs Features

    • Reduce headache and migraine frequency and intensity
    • Relieve painful light sensitivity and glare
    • Lessen other symptoms triggered by light, such as eye strain and dizziness/vertigo, concussion symptoms, seizures, eye health and sleep quality
    • Stay protected against fluorescent lighting, LEDs and screens (indoor/ FL-Pro lenses) and sunlight and glare (outdoor/ FL-Sun lenses)
    • Non-presciption
    • Premium anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and anti-reflective coatings*, as well as 100% UVA/UVB protection
    • Each pair comes with a case and mircofiber clot
    • Choose Style Frame: Classic, Wrap, Wearover
    • Choose Lens Type: FL-Pro offers the strongest protection for artificial lights and digital device screens or FL-Sun provide more relief than typical sunglasses for bright sunlight.

    *Note: FL-Sun lenses are currently only available with scratch resistant coating.

    Classic TheraSpecs

    • Combine a popular look with great protection
    • The frame is made out of ultra-lightweight TR-90 to minimize pressure on your face and head
    • They are a great option for people who do not need full side coverage but still want full protection from the front
    • Measurements:
      Classic TheraSpecs Combo Dimensions

    Wrap TheraSpecs

    • Constructed of ultra-lightweight, flexible nylon, maximize protection while minimizing pressure on your face and head
    • Wrap TheraSpecs come with a microfiber carrying bag and case
    • Measurements:

      Wrap TheraSpecs Combo Dimensions

    Original WearOver TheraSpecs

    • Designed with maximum protection in mind, offering large lenses and peripheral coverage from the top and sides
    • With this frame, you can get full light-blocking coverage that fits comfortably over prescription glasses. It also features adjustable arms so it can fit a wide variety of faces
    • Plus, it uses TR-90 to remain as lightweight as possible and minimize pressure on your face and head
    • Measurments:

    Original WearOver TheraSpecs Dimensions

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