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    Skil-Care Wheelchair Bag

    This oversized carrying bag can be attached to any chair, bed, or walker Simply slip straps over wheelchair handles and adjust to fit. Fits wheelchairs of different widths. One pocket with open top. 14"W x 11"H.

    Wheelchair Bac-Pac

    Attaches to wheelchair or transport chair with slip-on straps.

    Wheelchair CarryOn!" Packs Wheelchair Pack 15"H x 15"W x 5"D

    Both the bag and pack are made of heavy duty nylon and have adjustable straps.

    Wheelchair/Walker Handy Bag

    18"W x 11"L This multi-pocket bag allows residents to carry personal items on a standard wheelchair or walker. • Assorted size pockets • Includes name tag and key ring holder • Easy installation on wheelchair or walker

    Wheelchair Down-Under-Flat-Pac

    The Wheelchair Down-Under-Flat-Pac suits rigid chairs and folding chairs with two available sizes. 12"W x 11"D or 14"W x 11"D

    Nitro ToteBag, CrossFrame Attachment

    ToteBag Accessory for the Nitro Rollator. Choose from 3 different color options.

    Large Saddle

    A mid-size armrest bag that won't interfere with mid-wheel drive tires. Great for carrying books, binders, and other personal belongings.

    Advantage Wheelchair Deluxe Down Under Bags

    The Deluxe Down Under fits under the seat where you have easy access to medicine, wallet, checkbook, etc

    EZ-ACCESS Universal Tote, Small

    This opaque pouch allows valuables and personal items to be stored out of sight, yet within reach. Adjustable straps allow for quick and easy attachment. SMALL version is ideal for wheelchair and walker. 8½" x 9" x 1". Available in black.

    Curve Lap Tray Bag

    Innovative, award winning travel bag combined with a versatile lap desk, with adjustable, easy to attach straps for wheelchair users. The Curve Lap Tray Bag is a combination lap desk and travel bag that can be attached to a wheelchair, carried as a briefcase, or worn as a backpack or messenger bag. This versatile bag provides a close and comfortable fit and a reliable, steady tray surface for working, dining and other activities.

    WH125 Wheelchair Organizer

    Our Wheelchair Organizers attaches to the inside of manual wheelchairs It attaches to the inside or outside of electric wheelchairs or scooters

    Small Vertical Wheelchair Bag

    Quokka Small Vertical Mobility Bag , Durable, waterproof, zippered personal storage bag.

    Oversized Powerchair Bag

    As big as they come! The Monster Seatback Bag is one of our most popular bags! Great for shopping, laundry, groceries, etc... Frame allows bag to remain open.

    Mobility Bags