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    Wheelchair/Walker Handy Bag

    18"W x 11"L This multi-pocket bag allows residents to carry personal items on a standard wheelchair or walker. • Assorted size pockets • Includes name tag and key ring holder • Easy installation on wheelchair or walker
    Product #: 2565437SC


    The Handi bag is designed to be placed over the front bar of a walker or to the back of the wheelchair, as shown above, by placing the split rings over the handle grips. If necessary, the split rings can be separated by holding either side of the split and proving side pressure. It is suggested that the glasses be stored in the eye glass pocket and the keys and strap attached to the opposite split ring as shown in illustration 3. The keys may then be placed in the key pocket.


    Nylon handi bag, Key ring tie, Two split rings, ID tag


    This nylon bag can be cleaned with a mild detergent. It can be laundered at tem- peratures below 180OF(82OC).

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