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    Automatic Pill Dispenser

    When the pill dispenser prompts you, touch the screen. A drawer on the right pops out with your dose. Simply tip the drawer to take your pills, then push in the drawer to close it. That's it! Extra Pill Bins available for purchase.
    Product #: 2147785MC
    • Unique, error-proof “bulk loading” of up to a 90-day supply for up to 16 different medications (12 bins included, 4 large and 8 standard)
    • Picks and dispenses the meds to guarantee proper dosing
    • Caregiver-recorded voice prompts, allowing language personalization and messages from loved ones
    • Caregiver-recorded or pre-recorded patient education messages when medications are dispensed
    • Easy to use — Bar-code option to reduce the potential for error in prescription loading
    • Audible and visual alerts to take medications
    • Text, email/voice notification to caregivers if medications have not been taken
    • Secure cloud storage of prescribed schedule, history, missed dose reporting, contact information and pill image reference data