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    We are celebrating by recognizing the Occupational Therapists that are making a difference within Pisces Healthcare Solutions!

    Pisces Healthcare Solutions understands the value and importance of Occupational Therapist (OT) as vital players in the healthcare industry. Did you know that Pisces has 6 practitioners that are Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistants? Our team of OTs are vastly knowledgeable in a variety of practice areas and have certifications in hand therapy, lymphedema, dementia, orthopedics, and neurological conditions just to name a few. Some of our practitioners have over a decade of clinical experience!

    Pisces’s Occupational Therapists work in various capacities, including our Clinical Liaison team or directly in the Sales field as a Solutions Consultant. No matter their role, our OTs are a vital part of the Pisces Team and are here to make a difference in the lives of our Veterans to guarantee they have access to products that will promote independence and well-being in everyday life activities.

    Our clinical team of Occupational Therapist research products to ensure our Veterans are provided with a complete and comprehensive product offering for their VA team to choose from. Pisces’s Occupational Therapist have extensive roles such as updating our products within the website to ensure clinical details are available for the Veteran’s clinical team to help them determine if a product fits the needs of the Veteran.

    Our Occupational Therapists also research clinical equivalent substitutes to recommend for discontinued or extended back ordered products. Clinical product questions from customer service are flited to our Occupational Therapists to ensure accurate advice and questions are answered appropriately. Pisces can also provide product trainings and educational webinars to the VA that can be demonstrated by our Occupational Therapists.

    Pisces is the largest distributor of medical and rehabilitation products. We stay up to date with the newest technologies on the market to meet the needs of your Veterans with the help from our Occupational Therapists.

    When asking our Pisces team of Occupational Therapist what their favorite Pisces products are, they were excited to share the following with you:

    Hayley DeCandia MS, OTR/L, CHT, Solutions Consultant

    I have been an OT for 5 years with clinical experience in hand therapy treating various hand conditions post injury or operation through exercises, modalities and making custom hand braces.

    • I really like the music glove as an engaging product for helping with fine motor dexterity!
    • I used to use Fit Mi clinically and I like it for reaching/gross motor movements.
    • The Neater Arm Support ZERO is one of our best upper extremity products! I love that it can help restore independence for those post stroke, spinal cord injury, ALS, General upper extremity weakness due to deconditioning.



    Colleen Garrison OTD, OTR/L, Solutions Consultant

    I have been an OT for 4 years with clinical experience in advocating in the Pittsburg, PA community for individuals with disabilities, especially for Blind & Low Vision.  I worked with a local nonprofit to help get some crosswalks downtown to have auditory and tactile cues for safety. I’ve always loved being an advocate for the disability’s community.

    • I LOVE the talking microwave & the pill planners. Especially the MedCenter one month talking pill planner! I like that it’s a one month supply, has a talking guide on how to set the alarm, and it has tactile cues for user feedback. These are so inclusive and versatile. Products like these really help to increase independence and overall quality of life!


    Megan Shanahan MS, OTR/L, CLT, Solutions Consultant  

    I have been an OT for 9 years with clinical experience in acute care & outpatient, with specialties in burns, early mobility in the ICU, and lymphedema.

    • My favorite product is the Neater Arm Support Zero. From an OT perspective, a lot of my ADL sessions in acute care were hand-to-mouth treatments in regard to oral care or feeding, and the individual was able to complete the task if I stood or sat right next to them providing elbow support for gravity eliminated movements. The Neater Arm Support Zero takes away the need for a caregiver to physically be right there lifting the elbow, this device allows the individual to be more independent in their care.


    Kallie Wray MS, OTR/L, Solutions Consultant

    I have been an OT for 7 years with clinical experience with geriatrics in skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation. I worked with individuals post orthopedics procedures, surgeries, recovering post stroke or illness, as well as cardio-pulmonary dysfunction.

    • My favorite Pisces product(s) because I can't choose one:  Neater Eater -- those demonstrations and set-ups have brought me to tears multiple times especially those who have been able to feed them self for the first time after 6 months of not being able to following a SCI.
    • The HandSteady Cup-- I always HATED giving an adult a sippy cup and having a dignity-based option to provide feels so good!
    • MedCline LP without question, It is just so soft, cozy and provides such great positioning! Personally, I want it in my house.


    Amanda Vuocolo MS, OTR/L, Clinical Liaison

    I have been an OT for 14 years with clinical experience in geriatrics and special needs adults. I have treated a vast array of conditions in acute care, inpatient rehabilitation both PM &R and SNF, community-based home care for geriatrics and special needs group homes. I have additional certifications in Fall Prevention and Dementia.

    • My favorite product is the SitnStand Compact Chair Lift Assist. It is a simple solution to help Veterans stand up from any siting surface whether at home or on the go. No more having a caregiver pulling on their arm to stand them up. This product maximizes safety and functional independence when sitting to/from standing with just a click of a button!
    • I have an extra- soft spot for the cognitively impaired and helping them embrace their daily lives safely and to be as independent as possible. Being in home care, home modifications were crucial in ensuring an individual’s safety and participation in daily life roles. The Automatic Stove/oven control can limit when the times when the oven is operable or to turn off the stove when no one is in the kitchen.  Motion sensor night lights and toilet lights are great for minimizing falls at night, as well as door and window alarm can also be used on any “off-limit” areas and to alert caregivers.
    • I also really like the Quick Ship shower chair option for faster order fulfillment. This allows for the Veteran to get their shower chair timely and to sit comfortability while bathing and reducing the risk of slips and falls.

    Jasmine Wilson COTA/L, Director of Sales Administration & Clinical Training

    I have been a COTA for 14 years with clinical experience in geriatrics in long-term care, skilled nursing facilities and the neurological acute care setting. As a previous Director of Rehab, I recognize the importance for appropriate education for discharge planning and improving clinical outcomes with proper DME directly reduces re-hospitalization rates. I have also served on the MS Occupational Therapy Association Board as Public Relations Chair, as well as taught several CEU courses such as, OT Beyond Boundaries (2020); Professional IWalk Fitting Course and Certification (2020), Neuroplasticity: A repetitive & Consistent Approach (2019), Breaking the Clinical Barrier (2018). Now serving as Pisces Director of Sales Administration & Clinical Training.

    • My favorite product is probably the Neater Eater! I love the versatility of it! All of the little adjustments that I can tweak to make someone successful at mealtime! But also, I can use right out of the box! The switch is so easy and has pictures!
    • I also am very passionate about seating and positioning! Working in LTC, we really understood that poor seating and positioning posture not only limited functionality, it was a safety concern for pressure injuries! It's always a joy to help someone select their type of wheelchair and cushion and accessories fit all their clinical needs! The Drive's M3 wheelchair and the HydroGuard Gel-Foam cushion would be great products for our Veterans!


    According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), “Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants focus on the things you want and need to do in your daily life. Occupational therapy intervention uses everyday life activities (occupations) to promote health, well-being, and your ability to participate in the important activities in your life.” Our large product offering and team of Occupational Therapist along with our entire Pisces team are here to do just that and more to serve those who have served us!

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