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    Automatic Stove/Oven Control

    The CookStop Automatic Oven Control can be used to limit the times when the oven is operable or to turn off the stove when there is no one in the kitchen. Program the counter-top motion detector to turn off the stove 5, 10 or 15 minutes after the room is empty. To restart the stove or oven, just push “Start”.
    Product #: 20352AZ

    This programmable stove control has two components: one plugs into the wall behind your electric stove, and the other fits beneath an adjacent cabinet or on the counter back splash, continuously monitoring activity in the kitchen. When no activity is detected, the CookStop senior safety device begins the timer and then turns off the stove and the oven. (Push the “override” button when it’s safe to leave unattended pots on the stove or in the oven.) The device fits stoves with three or four prong 240v plugs. Someone qualified to move the stove and install an electrical oven safety device is recommended.

    How it Works: CookStop continuously checks for movement in the kitchen. If the resident leaves the room or falls asleep the Cookstop shuts the stove off.