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    2.5 GL Portable Bedside Shower Bag

    This portable 2.5 gallon bedside shower water bag is designed to hang above the bed and offers convenient access to a steady stream of warm water for easy bedside hair washing. It's quick to set up, portable and a convenient alternative to using pitcher(s)/buckets of water for washing and rinsing.
    Product #: 296933A


    • Features a handheld lever for easy and direct control of the water flow for a better hair washing experience
    • Large refillable water bag is made of puncture resistant vinyl without any harmful chemicals
    • 2.5 GL capacity provides enough water for a complete shampoo and rinse
    • Newly designed carry handle is stronger and more flexible, makes the shower bag easy to hang, super strong and portable
    • Easy to use: fill the bag with warm water from any regular kitchen/bathroom faucet. The flexible water hose leaves plenty of slack to give you the freedom to move
    • Dimensions: 19.7 x 3.7 x 5 inches
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