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    XTender Splint

    A post-operative/post-procedural solution to Dupuytrens splinting. Indicated for extensor tendon injuries, finger sprain/strains, trigger finger (release).


    • Fits both left and right hands in two sizes for minimal inventory requirement

    • Malleable hand pan allows desired positioning

    • Can be applied over light and heavy dressings


    • Short: 8.0" - fits most females
    • Long: 8.5" - fits most males

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    LMB Spring PIP Finger Extension Assist Splint

    This Assist can be used for boutonniere deformity and PIP extension limitations of 45 degrees or less. This Assist helps extend the PIP joint but does not interfere with the MP joint. To size, measure the distance on volar surface from MP crease to distal finger crease.When compared to the Spring Extension Splint series this series is shorter and stronger.