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    19 inch Lightweight Transport Chair with 12″ Rear Wheels

    The Lightweight Transport Chair 19 in. (model 352R) has a lightweight aluminum frame and padded upholstery. It has a quick release fold-down back, as well as padded, detachable/reversible desk arms for added convenience. This transport chair has locking rear wheels, as well as hand brakes for added safety and control. COLOR RED

    Carex Classic Transport Chair

    This Transport Chair provides safe, sturdy and comfortable portability.Oversized 8" wheels for easy maneuverability. The swing away foot rests and folding feature allow for compact storage and transportation. Tool-free assembly. Weight capacity 300 lbs.

    Carex Transport Wheel Chair

    This 22 lb. chair features portability and comfort with a 300 lb. weight capacity. Angled handle bars and 19" seating area provide added comfort when mobile. Equipped with 8" oversized wheels for getting around with ease. Swingaway legrests and compact fold feature allow easy storage and transport. Overall 23"W x 39-1/2" D x 38"H. DISCONTINUED USE 29201BLRM

    Drive Aluminum Transport Chair

    Aluminum frame is lightweight and strong. Composite 8" wheels are lightweight and maintenance free. Includes swing-away footrests and seat belt for added safety. Padded armrests provide additional comfort. Weight cap: 300 lbs.

    Drive Bariatric Steel Transport Chair

    Reinforced steel frame provides added support. Dual, reinforced steel cross braces.Available in blue or red frames. Seat width 20". Weight capacity 450 lbs.

    Drive Cruiser III 18" Lightweight, Dual Axle Wheelchair, Detachable Full Arm, Elevating Legrests

    A lightweight, dual-axle wheelchair.

    Drive Lightweight Expedition Aluminum Transport Chair w/ Hand Brakes 19"

    A lightweight, folding transport chair. Weight cap: 300 lbs

    Drive Steel Transport Chair - 17"

    Deluxe mechanism allows back to fold down for easy storage and transport. Weighs less than 26 Ibs. Carbon steel frame with double-coated chrome provides an attractive, chip-proof finish that's also easy to maintain. Includes carry pocket on backrest, swingaway footrests, seat belt, 8" casters in front and rear. 250 lbs. capacity.

    Drop Arm Commode Transport Chair with Wheels**OVERSIZED**

    The Drop-Arm Transport Chair Commode is designed with a drop arm and removable swing-away footrests for easy patient transfer. It has a padded seat that fits over the commode, converting it into a transport chair. Bucket and lid are included.

    Hammertone Wheelchair, 20" x 16"

    Comes equipped with detachable and reversible desk arms and swing away footrests. Weight cap: 325 lb

    Invacare 9000 XT Recliner Wheelchair

    The number one choice for individuals who demand a truly versatile, moderately priced lightweight wheelchair. Durable, low-maintenance, triple chrome-plated carbon steel frame with removable fixed height arms. Dynamic recline range from 90° to 180°. Rear axle base moves, providing stable center of gravity in recline position. Recliner Wheelchair is the number one choice for individuals who demand a truly versatile moderately priced lightweight wheelchair. Chair is durable, low-maintenance, and triple chrome-plated with a carbon steel frame with removable fixed height arms. The dynamic recline range is from 90º to 180º. Rear axle base moves, providing a stable center of gravity in the recline position.

    Lightweight 19 inch Transport Chair

    The Lightweight Transport Chair 19″ has a lightweight aluminum frame and padded armrests. It is foldable with removable wheels and has a quick release fold-down back.

    NOVA Transport Chair, 20"W


    Travelite Transport Wheelchair in a Bag

    The Travelite Chair in a Bag is a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum transport chair in gunmetal gray.

    Ultralight Transport Chair

    Travel light and make outings easier with the ultralight transport chair.

    Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair, with 12" Rear Wheels, 22" x 18"

    Transport Wheelchair (Black)

    Lightweight transport wheelchair Compact folding design Wide 17” seating area Safely supports up to 300 pounds Adjustable footrests

    Bariatric Transport Chair, 22" (W) x 18" (D)

    The ProBasics Bariatric Steel Transport Chair with 12-inch rear wheels has dual reinforced cross braces and durable nylon upholstery. The ProBasics Bariatric Steel Transport Chair with 12-inch rear wheels has dual reinforced cross braces and durable nylon upholstery. The handy back-release hinge allows the back to fold down for easy storage and transport. The companion activated hand brakes are ideal for locking the rear wheels during patient transfers, and provide for added safety and control. Comes complete with seat belt, swingaway footrests with aluminum footplates and heel loops. Supports patient weights up to 450 lbs.

    Combi-TILT Chair with Head & Footrest

    Combi-TILT Chair with Head & Footrest

    Flyweight Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Removable Wheels 19"

    Back Height 18" Carton Shipping Weight 24 lbs Overall Height 37.25" Overall Length w/ Riggings 33" Overall Width 22" (open) | 9" (closed) Seat Dimensions 19" (W) x 16" (D) Seat To Floor Height 19" Warranty Limited Lifetime Weight 19 lbs Weight Capacity 300 lbs

    Fly-Lite Aluminum Transport Chair

    The Fly-Lite Aluminum Transport Chair weighs only 16.8 lbs. (without footrests) and is one of the lightest transport chairs on the market. The lightweight aluminum frame is strong and durable, the seat is made of nylon upholstery that is offered in 3 different colored plaid styles, and also features a carry pocket on the back. A convenient cup holder can easily attach to chair. Cup holder is sold separately.

    19" Ultra Lightweight Transport Chair

    Much easier to use for transporting than a wheelchair, with a lightweight aluminum frame (weighs only 18.5 lb) and a 300 lb weight capacity Quickly and easily folds compactly for transport and storage Comes with fixed desk length padded arms, quick release fold-down back, adjustable belt, durable thick nylon upholstery and back close-able pocket Comes with removable and adjustable footrests, 8” front/rear wheels and rear wheel locks

    ProBasics 19" Lightweight Aluminum Transport Wheelchair, 8" Wheels

    The ProBasics Aluminum Transport Chair is a compact, lightweight design with an easy-to-maintain. 300 lb weight capacity. Sold as each

    KM-5000 Transport

    The Karman Healthcare KM-5000TP Transport Wheelchair is an ultra lightweight folding aluminum reclining wheelchair. With full length padded armrests, an adjustable height head pillow, and more this wheelchair has added comfort for any user. This chair also features swing-away elevating footrests and adjustable length leg supports and footplates. With a weight of 33 lbs. this chair can be transported with ease.

    Steel Transport Chair, 19" Silver Vein

    19" seat width

    Zoomer Chair

    The powerful, portable, folding mobility chair that offers easy, one-handed operation. Simple and easy to use. Small and ultra portable. Lightweight- weighs under 52 lbs. Fun and easy to drive. ADA FRIENDLY—COMFORTABLE—EASY OF USE At 25.5" wide, Zoomer fits through all standard ADA-compliant door frames of 32" wide Can go up all ADA-compliant ramps of 5° (and up to 10° if needed) Padded armrests and the joystick fit below ADA-compliant tables and desks

    Zinger Chair Power

    Call in for quote*** Meet the future of your personal transportation. Folds and unfolds easily in seconds. Fits in your trunk or backseat. Seats you at tables & desks like a regular chair. Turns on a dime and is fun to drive.

    Bariatric Aluminum Transport Chair 24W (400LS. WEIGHT CAPACITY, EVENLY DISTRIBUTED)

    The Bariatric Transport Chair is designed as an affordable bariatric patient transfer device and known for its extra width. With its 24" width and 400 lb weight capacity, this transport chair combines extra capacity in addition to compact transport need. Handle mounted attendant locks make it easy for a companion to engage.

    Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair, 17", Blue

    The Transport Chair is designed as an affordable patient transfer device. Its compact size and lighter weight allow a companion to lift and store the chair with ease.

    Nitro Duet Combination Rollator Transport Chair

    Combines the features of a rollator and transport chair into one unit. The user can ambulate independently or be pushed safely by a caregiver New Available Accessory- BACKREST

    Aluminum Transport Chair with 12" Rear Wheels - Blue

    Basic Aluminum Transport Chair with Permanent Full-Length Arms, Swing-Away Footrests and 12" Wheels, Blue WEIGHT CAP 300LBS

    Rollz Motion Performance- Jungle Green

    Thanks to the four pneumatic tires, the Rollz Motion Performance provides a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. The extra thick padding of the armrests and the ergonomically shaped handles add to the comfort. Moreover, the footrests are adjustable in height. The Rollz Motion Performance is an all-terrain walker and wheelchair in one, equipped with air tires. It allows to walk in comfort over uneven terrain and be easily convert it from rollator into transport chair when needed. The pneumatic tires provide more cushioning in both walking and sitting positions, by absorbing the vibrations of the bumpy roads

    Lightweight Transport Chair, 22" with Hand Brakes & Swingaway Footrests, Blue

    22″ Transport Chair w/ 12″ rear wheels

    ProBasics Aluminum Transport Wheelchair w/ Footrests

    The ProBasics Aluminum Transport Chair is a compact, lightweight design with an easy-to-maintain finish. Seat dimension 19" (W) x 16" (D). The flared handles and handy back-release hinge allow the back to fold down flat and compact for easy storage and transport. Comes complete with seat belt, tool-free swing-away composite footrests and heel loops. Fits patient weights up to 300 pound

    Deluxe Bariatric Transport Wheelchair ***OVERSIZED***

    This Deluxe Bariatric Transport Wheelchair adds to our line of high strength dual cross braces. It supports up to 450 lbs. due to its reinforced steel frame. It’s more than heavy duty, its peace of mind to know the durability of the wheelchair is there to stand the test of time.

    Medline Bariatric Transport Chair- 22"W

    Steel Transport Chair, 17", Hammertone

    Basic Steel Transport Chair with Permanent Full-Length Arms and Swing-Away Footrests, 250 lb. Capacity, 17" Wide, Black

    19″ Steel Transport Chair

    The Steel Transport Chair 19 inch has a carbon steel frame and padded upholstery. It is foldable and has a quick release fold-down back, as well as padded, fixed full-length arms for added comfort. This transport chair has locking rear wheels.

    Lightweight Transport Chair, 17"

    The product names says it all! These great chairs (and not the “Wheelchair” kind) are 1) Lightweight – so easy to lift and 2) Transport – they can take you just about anywhere. So, just because your legs can’t get you there doesn’t mean you can’t be there and be together.

    ProBasics K4 Transformer Transport Chair / Wheelchair, Flip-Back Desk Arms and Swing-Away Footrests

    The perfect upgrade from a standard K0004 wheelchair, the ProBasics TRANSFORMER is a dual purpose, high strength lightweight wheelchair that quickly transforms from a self-propelled wheelchair to a compact transport chair with 8" wheels all around. Great as a transitional chair for accompanied excursions while retaining self-propel capabilities. Also allows the slimming down of the chair to navigate narrow doorways.


    The AisleMaster 8000 is the premier aisle boarding chair in the North American market. Recently redesigned, the 8000/8010 now boasts weight capacity up to 400 lbs. With an innovative, compact, mid-wheel turning design, “deadman” brake, and lifting handles, the 8000/8010 combines ease of use with safety and functionality. The AisleMaster 8010 offers all the same great features and an extra narrow wheel track for use in smaller commercial/regional jets with narrower aisles.

    The Zeen

    Experience more of the things in life that give you joy. The Zeen can help you get up and about safely – and keep you active.

    Rollz Flex Small

    The Rollz Flex 2 small is a very stable and easy maneuverable rollator walker. It is the smaller version of the Rollz Flex 2 lightweight rollator walker, with a lower seat placed at 20.7 inch height, suitable for people between 4.6 ft and 5.25 ft. It comes with white frame and smokey grey bag. The Rollz Flex small features a comfortable seat and a large bag which can carry up to 44 pounds. Thanks to the small turning circle, the rollator walker rotates close to your body and turns easily in tight spaces.

    ProBasics Transport Chair Steel 19" x 16", Silver

    ProBasics Steel Transport Chair The ProBasics Steel Transport Chair is a lightweight steel-construction design with a chip-proof and easy-to-maintain finish. 300 lb weight capacity. Sold as each.

    Transport Chairs