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    Uni Patch Superior Silver Electrodes 2" Squares, Pack of 4

    Uni-Patch S Series Electrodes provides a stimulating pulse connection on the skin without sacrificing nourished skin. The electrodes can be used with compatible devices such as TENS, and EMS/NMES units, either in a medical facility for a professional-grade use or in the comfort of your own home. The electrodes can be used with most devices on the market and can be reused a number of times without the loss of the adhesive.
    Product #: 2922378VM

    Product Features and Benefits

    • Highly Conductive, Silver Ink Printed in a Patented, Gradient, Starburst Pattern
    • Hypoallergenic Hydrogel Formulated with Aloe Vera Gel
    • Thick, Hydrogel Layer
    • Tinted, Double-coated Storage Liner
    • Uses a Copper-tin, Lead Wire
    • Efficient Conductivity with Low Electrode Impedance

      The Uni-Patch Aloe Infused Electrodes and silver blue gel electrode are made with a highly conductive, patented silver ink printed starburst pattern. With the starburst design printed pattern, the flow of current will make contact with the skin at a better rate. Effective impulse into the muscle areas will calm nerves that are contracting or soothe sore and uneasy muscles. Copper-tin lead wire provides the most effective link to the connecting TENS or EMS/NMES device as to not weaken current.

      The hypoallergenic hydrogel formula of the Uni-Patch Superior Silver Blue Gel Electrode serves a purpose in being the better option to use for patients with sensitive skin or skin that is delicate. Over a bruise could be a reason the gel option electrode would be used for. The PolyHesive electrode has benefits that allow the pad to conform better to the skin. If there are irregularities, the gel type will help fill in those irregularities to conduct the best pulse through the best connection.

      A thick layer of hydrogel keeps the electrode from becoming damaged easily. Infused with aloe vera, the pad leaves the skin in a better condition than when before the electrode was attached. Aloe vera helps enrich the skin with nutrients and hydration as well as a smooth feeling. Some electrodes that use adhesives without any other beneficial skin vitamins can create dry areas that can lead to irritations over time. Aloe vera counters the effects of adhesives and the pulse running through the electrode, to prevent some of this damage. When the electrodes are not in use, they can be placed back onto the tinted double-coated liner to keep the adhesive working longer and prevent damage to the conductive side.

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