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    U-Step Accessories

    4" Casters

    Platform Attachmetns--(Please note, when adding Platform Attachment, the maximum weight drops from 375 to 250 pounds)

    Laser Moduel & Sound Cue

    If you suffer from freezing episodes, In-Step has a solution: the Laser Cueing Module, an exclusive optional feature of the U-Step 2. 
    Simply press the red button, and the device projects a bright red laser line on the floor, effectively guiding every step you take. 
    It is amazing! Our laser offers an entirely safe, obstacle-free, visual cue that helps you break the “freezing episode” and walk normally with increased stride length.

    The version pictured above also provides an audio beep to assist with walking, with 15 speeds ranging from 59 to 130 beats per minute.

    Two AA batteries (included) power the module for 20 hours of use.

    2 Caddy Basket Tray

    Easily carry things in the large wire basket and safely carry food, beverages and more on the multi-purpose tray.  This accessory is mounted on a slide system so that you can pull it close to you for easy access and you can push it out of the way for sitting on the seat.  Mounted high for reduced bending.

    This item fits U-Step 2 walkers with serial number beginning “U3—-” (produced since 2016).  The serial number may be found on the top or front side of the black box under the seat where all four braking cables enter.

    2, 2 lb. Weights

    Although the U-Step is very stable, we offer weights as an accessory to increase the stability of the walker. These weights easily secure to the base of the U-Step 2 with Velcro straps. These weights add a total of 4lbs to the base.

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    U-Step 2 Platform

    The U-Step 2 Platform Model, has the same leading-edge features of the standard U-Step 2, which accounts for the superior stability, maneuverability and control, while having arm platforms in place of the standard handle bars. This is ideal for many people who have had a stroke or brain injury. It is also excellent for those who have a weak upper body or who tend to stoop over.

    OrthoPro HyperEx Knee

    The OrthoPro Hyper Ex Knee Brace effectively controls knee hyperextension and Genu Recurvatum. The brace combines comfort and stability in a hyperextension Swedish knee cage type brace. The unique addition of an air bladder with the hyperextension strap can reduce the force at the knee normally associated with other Recurvatum knee braces, significantly improving patient comfort.

    U-Step 2 Press Down Walker

    The Press Down version of the U-Step 2 is for those who find it difficult or who are unable to squeeze a standard hand brake with either hand. Choose Left or Right handle brake. One hand brake operates both sides of the walker. Our optional Laser & Sound Cueing Module is ideal for those with Parkinson’s freezing.

    U-Step 2 Neuro

    The U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer was designed to increase independence and eliminate falling among those with neurological conditions. The leading-edge features of the U-Step 2, as compared to other walking aids, make it superior by providing more stability, maneuverability and control.

    Hatch Wheelchair Gloves, Mesh Back

    This is an excellent wheelchair glove. Crocheted mesh backing keeps hands comfortable and cool. Durable cowhide palms with reinforced foam padding provide excellent grip while helping reduce shock to the hands and wrists. A Velcro® closure at the top of the wrist allows for a snug, yet comfortable fit.