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    Tri-Core Water Pillow Adjustable Cervical Support Pillow

    An adjustable water base pillow for side sleepers or back sleepers that combines the comfort of water with the support of fiber. Get better sleep each night by gently cradling your head and neck with the Tri-Core Water Pillow's adjustable water chamber that is surrounded by soft, polyester fiber fill. This pillow is ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers, and people who suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain.
    Product #: 23649851CP


    • When filled, the water chamber instantly responds and adjusts to changes in sleeping position and head movement, helping improve sleep quality.

    • Water chamber is removeable

    • Threaded fill port with screw-on cap prevents leakage

    • Material Type: Polyester Fiber Filled with Water Chamber

    • Helps reduce headaches and neck pain for better sleep

    • Oval shaped center in water chamber gently cradles head and neck

    • Easily control support with premarked water chamber

    • Sleep Position: Side & Back Sleeping

    • Firmness: Adjustable

    • For convenient laundering, simply remove the water chamber and toss the pillow into washing machine.

    • Instructions can be found on the pillow's tag.

    • Tri-Core water chamber has an oval shaped center which displaces the water to cradle the head and support the neck in a more natural position

    • Helps reduce water movement and sloshing sounds

    • Helps reduce strain on the neck by preventing the water chamber from bulging or doming when filled

    • Creates a ring of support that instantly responds to movement

    • Simply add water to reach desired level of support as noted on the premarked water chamber: soft, medium, firm, x-firm. Add or remove water to achieve desired support and comfort level. Use this pillow with or without water chamber for comfortable sleep

    • Made in USA


    • Materials
      • Cover - polyester, cotton
      • Water Chamber - polypropylene
      • Fiber - polyester fill
      • Screw Cap - PE-LD
      • Fill Port - PVC
    • Dimensions: 26" X 15" X 6"
    • Product Weight: 2.3 lbs
    • Color: White
    • Latex: This product is not made with natural rubber latex
    • Warranty: 4 Years

    FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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