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    Traction Kit with Stools

    Chattanooga Traction kits includes: TX traction unit (4759), Quickwrap belting system (2825), Cervical traction system with clevis (7040) and Traction stool (6 color options)

    Chattanooga Traction kits includes:

    TX traction unit (4759)

    TX Traction Unit • Static, intermittent, and cycling traction • User-defined hold, rest and treatment times • 10 User-defined protocol slots to store customized settings • Digital monochromatic touch screen interface that pivots 270º • Easily store treatment parameters, pain scales, and pain maps on Patient Data Cards

    Quickwrap belting system (2825)

    Universal fit, for use with pelvic or lumbar traction applications up to 300 LB

    Cervical traction system with clevis (7040)

    This clinical device is designed specifically to aid in cervical traction. One size fits most

    Traction stool (6 color options)

    Adjustable height enabling placement of the patient’s lumbar spine into a neutral or flexed position for increased comfort. Upholstery can be color coordinated to match traction table

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    The Galaxy TTET300 is a multifunctional 3-section traction table which, in conjunction with a traction unit, aids in efficient spinal traction treatment. The TTET300’s roller-mounted surface helps prevent friction below the hips and legs, aiding in the full traction force during vertebral treatment. In addition, because the rolling sections can be locked in place, this variable-height traction table can also serve as an additional treatment couch.