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    Titus Extra-Wide Deluxe Bariatric Walker Rollator

    Titus Extra-Wide Deluxe Bariatric Walker Rollator. Heavy-Duty Oval Tubing. High-Capacity Padded Seat/Backrest. Height Adjustable Angled Hand Grips. Foldable. Indoor/Outdoor Use
    Product #: 235484PH
    • INDUSTRY-LEADING 600LB. CAPACITY-The Titus Deluxe Bariatric Rollator features the HIGHEST weight capacity available today at 600lbs. The Titus ensures that even the heaviest users are able to ambulate safely and comfortably both indoors and outdoors. Extra thick padded seat and adjustable backrest allows users to sit and rest comfortably as required. Extruded, medical-grade aluminum frame is easy to clean and will never rust.
    • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE OVAL TUBING- The Titus is constructed with our proprietary OVAL tubing that is over 50% stronger than standard round tubing used in other rollators. This feature ensures that the walker is able to perform safely and reliably for years without the fear of buckling, bending or breaking like old-style round tube walkers. The Titus is your best defense in preventing dangerous falls. While incredibly robust, the Titus is still surprisingly lightweight for easy moving/transport
    • ANGLED, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HAND GRIPS- Push button-adjust hand grip height allows for easy customization and the perfect fit for users of any height. Unique ergonomically designed ANGLED hand grips provide a safer and significantly more comfortable user experience when compared to old-style non-angled hand grips. Easy to use, locking brake levers are conveniently mounted on both sides.
    • PATENTED WIDE-STRIDE DESIGN- Every Titus walker incorporates our PATENTED WIDE-STRIDE design. This innovative advancement in walker technology means that rear of the walker chassis is flared out to provide users with wider hips and legs to walk normally without coming into contact with the frame of the device. Significantly reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls when compared with older-design narrow walkers.

    The Titus deluxe bariatric walker/rollator features the highest capacity available on the market today at 600 lbs. allowing even the heaviest of users to safely and comfortably ambulate with out the fear of falling. The robust chassis is constructed using our proprietary oval profile medical grade aluminum tubing that provides superior structural strength when compared to old style round tube products. The adjustable height handgrips are angled to provide the user with a safe and comfortable user experience when compared to the horizontal hand grips found on competitive rollators. The flared design on the rear of the Titus means that users can ambulate comfortably and safely without coming into contact with the frame of the device- eliminating potential trip and fall injuries associated with narrower walkers. An extra wide seat allows users to sit and rest in comfort as required. A generous storage compartment is located under the seat for convenience and a free water bottle holder is also included. The Titus has been developed in the USA by healthcare professionals and is the best bariatric rollator choice for users who value quality, safety. comfort and dignity over price.