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    Thermoskin Closed Patella Support

    The Thermoskin Thermal Knee Support is anatomically designed with 3 zoned panels which prevent bunching behind the knee. The design facilitates extended wear whilst maintaining superior comfort. For thermal treatment to be truly effective, the heat which is generated from the brace upon contact with skin is required for extensive periods of time and can be worn while sleeping

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    J-LAT Lateral Subluxation Support

    J-shaped tubing applies pressure from lateral to medial, gently guides patella into alignment. Improves tracking for lateral subluxation, dislocation; reduces pain of these conditions, patellofemoral pain syndrome. Adds compression, warmth promote healing. 1/8" neoprene; includes injury guide.

    Dr. Joseph's Diabetic Foot Kit

    For those with diabetic foot, inspection and cleaning is crucial to proper care. Dr. Joseph's Diabetic Foot Kit features a long handle with interchangeable heads designed to care for and treat the symptoms of diabetic foot.

    Obesity Knee Pain Brace

    Every pound of body weight adds about five pounds of force on your knee joint. So, it’s not surprising that being overweight increases your risk of experiencing knee-related injuries and can cause your knees to wear out faster than they might otherwise. For example, research shows being overweight or obese significantly increases your risk of suffering from osteoarthritis or the acceleration of existing arthritis.