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    CanDo PE Foam Rollers with TufCoat - Round & Half

    Polyethylene foam rollers with TufCoat finish are perfect for positioninvg, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and coordination, and ranging and strengthening activities. Round rollers offer progressive exercise sequences - user can graduate from an easier (smaller diameter) to a more difficult (larger diameter) roller.

    Tiger Tail

    Helps relieve muscle aches, cramping, spasms and stiffness by restoring muscle balance.

    Contoured Foam Roller

    General Application: Contoured raised sections stimulate blood flow and allow for a customized deep tissue massage. 5″x 14″ size ideal for rolling both large and small muscle groups. Long ridges combine with pronounced bumps to offer a more diversified surface area. Thin outer layer of foam provides a firm surface for aggressive Myofascial Release.

    Foam Roller Rack

    Store up to six foam rollers on this durable wall rack. Extra sections can be removed to save space as needed.

    Self Guided Smart Roller

    The Smart Recovery Foam Roller is used to release muscle tension before, during, and after workouts. The roller features nine exercises that are printed on it for easy reference. The roller is 2-ft long, which makes it wide enough to use on backs. With the durable polyethylene foam material is designed for moderate to heavy use while still holding its shape.

    R8 Deep Tissue Massage Roller, Carbon Black

    Experience the new R8 deep tissue massage roller and see why athletes everywhere have been drawn to its revolutionary design. Fully redesigned, the new R8 features an improved spring configuration, new stainless steel hardware fasteners, new bearing integration in all pivot points, soft-touch handles and interchangeable R8-Inserts for a customizable feel.

    4" Yoga Block

    The block measures in at 4" x 6" x 9" and features eco-friendly foam that is firm yet comfortable. The surface is easy to clean and maintain, and the block is lightweight enough to transport with ease from home to yoga studio and back again.

    Tumble Forms Raised Roll, 4x18 - 1 inch

    Versatile Raised Rolls offer the positioning options of conventional rolls with the stability of a wedge. Uniquely shaped with a flat bottom, tall sides and a curved top, raised rolls provide a stable base for bolster sitting, side leaning or prone positioning. Smaller rolls can be used for knee or ankle flexion and cervical elongation. A Velcro strip on the bottom of each roll holds it in place for active or static therapies. Latex free. Use Raised Roll on carpeted surface to take advantage of Velcro strip on base

    PSO Everything Bundle & Single Tools

    Can’t decide? Are you the type of person that needs to have everything? Every option in your arsenal for health and wellness? Then this is the Combo Pack deal for you!

    Tumble Forms Barrel Crawl/Roll

    Tumble Forms barrel crawl/roll is made of molded foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating applied as outer "upholstery". By gently rocking the barrel, the therapist can produce a rhythmic movement experience for the child. In time, the child can learn to shift his weight in order to roll the barrel.

    Positioning Bolster Dutchman Roll

    Core Bolsters are durable aids for clinical or home use. They provide support under the legs, arms, feet and other areas of the body. Constructed from precision cut, high quality foam and encased in an easy to clean vinyl cover. Bolster size matched to the width of most standard treatment tables, making this bolster easy to use.

    Thera-Band Portable Roller Massager

    The TheraBand Roller Massager+ is a versatile tool for self massage. With its rigid design and durable handles, it's easy to target sore and tight muscles post activity and during warm-ups. Achieve an at-home deep tissue massage with just the right amount of pressure that you can control. Healthcare professionals recommend this self-massage body maintenance tool for runners, cyclists, and those looking to increase flexibility and range of motion. Don't risk impairing your perfomance or comfort levels by pushing through stiff muscles and knots. The TheraBand Roller Massager+ is the ideal self-massaging tool for maintaining your healthy, active lifestyle.

    GRID X Foam Roller - 13"

    The GRID X foam roller is our firmest foam roller. It was created to break through the body's toughest, tightest trouble spots for relief from intense aches and pains. Dense tissue needs a firmer GRID foam roller to release and relieve aches and pains. The GRID X can be used to release the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, back and lats.

    OPTP Moderate & Firm Foam Roller

    The OPTP AXIS Foam Roller offers a Moderate & Firm density and exceptional durability.

    Tumble Forms Standard Roll

    The Tumble Forms 2 Rolls are designed with effective rehabilitation and fitness applications in mind. Use in positional and neurodevelopmental training and for patients with special needs. Tumble Forms 2 Rolls provide a firm, yet soft tool to enhance sensory perception and aids in rolling and rocking fitness and rehab exercises.

    Foam Roller Cover - Blue Vinyl

    Keep your 36" x 6" foam roller clean while you exercise. Made from soft, durable latex-free vinyl that slides onto the roll. Clean with soap and water. Foam Roller not included.

    Thera-Band Foot Roller - Green 1/2" center

    For temporary relief from foot pain.

    Pro-Roller Standard, 36" x 6"

    These professional-quality foam rollers feature a highly durable EVA foam construction and standard density for massage or exercise.


    This patented, uniquely designed, resilient, durable 'two-in-one' foam roller is one of the most versatile foam rollers available. While its rounder side increases roller movement, its flatter side decreases movement.

    The Psoas and Franklin Smooth Ball Set

    Give the gift of movement. This Franklin Method® bundled package contains a Franklin Smooth Ball™ Set as well as a copy of The PSOAS: Integrating Your Inner Core.

    Therapy rolls