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    The Zeen

    Experience more of the things in life that give you joy. The Zeen can help you get up and about safely – and keep you active.

    Foam vs. Pneumatic Wheels: The Pneumatic (air-filled) tires can handle some terrain better than the standard foam wheels, but this comes at the cost of maintenance. Be sure to keep your pneumatic tires inflated.

    Specifications Dimensions:

    L: 33.5” x W: 25.2” x Height: 36.8” (Seated Mode)

    L: 33.5” x W: 25.2” x Height: 51.3” (Maximum Standing Height)

    L: 33.5” x W: 11.0” x Height: 38” (Folded)

    Weight: ~42 pounds


    Doorways - minimum 27”

    Turning radius (space needed to rotate in small spaces such as kitchens) - 45”

    Width of Seat/Distance between Armrests - 21"

    User Requirements:

    • Body weight from 100 lbs to 250 lbs (46kg to 113kg)

      Stand-over height from 22"-36" (61-89 cm) -- not same as pant inseam

      Bi-lateral hand strength—to squeeze seat release and brake levers. Optional one-handed version upon request for an additional charge

      Ability to learn and retain new information to successfully use all Zeen mechanisms

      Standing/Walking ability—able to stand and walk with or without assistance / device

    Interior Recommendations
    • Primary use on single-level living space
    • Minimal clearance of 27” – around furniture, through doorways
    • Hard flooring surfaces or low-pile carpet preferred
    • 45” turning circle diameter required between kitchen counters and in hallways
    • Maximum of one 6” tall step
    Exterior Recommendations
    • Paved exterior pathways are ideal—fine, packed gravel may be manageable
    • Awareness and caution encountering curbs, bumps, lintels, stones, gravel, etc.
    • Coasting/Zeening speed regulated by conditions, obstacles and physical ability
    • Your legs and feet control the Zeen; at no time should you be “riding” down a hill without feet on the ground for safe navigation
    • Use caution when coasting, taking close note of possible hazards and pedestrians
    • Transition from coasting to walking for hills; use of rear caster lock is recommended for traversing side slopes