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    The Ultimate Arm Sling-Swathe

    The Joslin Swathe® is an immobilizer strap designed to gently hold the arm against the body. When used with the Ultimate Arm Sling® or any other universal arm sling, the Joslin Swathe® provides a comfortably secure, low impact immobilizing system. The entire swathe is made of lightweight fabric with a hook and loop fastener that allows the sling to be adjusted and secured to any length in seconds. It’s designed to fit both left and right arms. All swathes are latex free and can be machine washed and dried. The Joslin Swathe® is an effective, comfortable immobilizing strap. It is available in black.

    • Soft and comfortable arm immobilizer strap that goes over the sling, around the body and holds the arm down
    • Machine wash and dry; Latex free and non-allergenic
    • Easy application
    • Holds the arm comfortably against the body


    Fits 50-90lbs / 3’5”- 5’ tall 23-41kgs / 106-152cm tall

    Pro- 3Xtra-

    Fits 225-300lbs / 6’- 6’7” tall 102-136 kgs /183-200cm tall

    Adult -

    Fits 90-250lbs / 5’- 6’ tall 41-113 kgs / 152-183cm tal

    Goliath -

    Fits 300+lbs / 6’7” + tall 136+ kgs /200+ cm tall

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