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    Shuttle 3000


    Supine Leg Press with 16 Elasticords that provide up to 500 lbs of progressive resistance with a 4 position Adjustable Backrest, a fully Adjustable Kick Plate, Foot Supports, Wobble Board, and full range of flexion and extension.

    ULTIMATE PLUS INCLUDES-PNF Total Body Tower System.
    NEW Ball Bearing Pulley System
    • Incredibly Smooth Function
    • Facilitates Pilates Movements
    • Provides an Auxiliary Pulley System for Standing Activities
    NEW Kickplate Locking Mechanism
    • Secures Kickplate for High Load Leg Press and Plyometric Activities
    • Increases Stroke Length for Pilates Movements
    NEW Rotating Hand Grips
    • Improves Ergonomics for Hands and Shoulders
    NEW ROM Control
    • Improves Controls for Flexion/Extension
    • Locks Carriage Down for Easy Loading
    NEW 4 Position Adjustable Backrest
    • Wider & Structurally Stronger to Support Bariatric Patients
    • Softer Padding for Comfort
    • Fully Adjustable Supine, 15°, 30°, and 45° Options
    NEW Greater Resistance
    • Higher Load Capability for Use as Leg Press and Plyometric Activities
    NEW Wider Base
    • Supports Bariatric Patients
    • Improves Lateral Loading
    • Increases Sense of Security