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    Shoulder Wrap

    The McDavid Shoulder Wrap helps relieve pain and promotes healing for shoulder injuries, arthritis and bursitis.
    • HELPS RELIEVE SHOULDER PAIN: Easy-to-wear support helps decrease pain from shoulder pulls and strains
    • FAST, EASY TO FIT: Adjustable hook and loop closure straps apply direct compression to your AC joint
    • SUPPORT & ADVANCED COMPRESSION: Latex-free neoprene with micro-cell structure and cell memory for superior stretch, greater heat insulation and lighter, longer lasting support
    • GOOD FOR ALL-DAY USE: Simple, light design makes it perfect for extended wear and recovering/healing after almost any activity
    • CONTENT: 100% CR Neoprene / 93% Nylon / 7% Spandex
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    Most raised toilet seats on the market only offer one locking point of security, creating instability when getting on and off the toilet. To address this issue, Secure Lock Raised Toilet Seat includes three locking points of security. Located on the front, left and right side providing the highest level of stability and security on a raised toilet seat. This item is for an end user who has very limited mobility/balance and requires a maximum amount of stability/security.

    MedCline LP Shoulder Relief Positioner System

    FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004 Available in 2 sizes: Small/ Medium for those 5'9" and below; Large for those 5'10" and above Benefits those Veterans suffering from shoulder arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff injuries and even functions as a post-operative positioning system. The MedCline LP Shoulder Relief Solution is a new device designed for the ultimate in side-sleeping comfort. Its patented arm pocket allows you to sleep on your side without putting pressure on your downside shoulder and arm. For those feeling the lingering effects of an old sports injury to those suffering with arthritis in the shoulder, MedCline LP allows you to once again sleep comfortably on your side. The lateral body positioner and pressure reducing wedge creates unparalleled side-sleeping comfort.