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    Shoulder Brace - Support and Compression Sleeve- Universal

    Easily and Quickly Eliminate Shoulder Swelling, Inflammation and Pain Shoulder pain and injury caused by muscle tears, joint inflammation and tendon damage can be debilitating. It's vital that you properly support your shoulder so you're able to relieve your pain. Shoulder Brace has been proven to provide maximum support while accelerating your healing process without limiting your movements or lifestyle. Perform at your best at work, stay active and enjoy a more restful and comfortable sleep while your shoulder heals. Get back to life faster while also allowing you to live your life.
    Product #: 2365448A

    Total Support, Total Versatility

    Truly designed for your maximum comfort, support and recovery.

    Won't restrict! A snug and comfortable fit easily adjusted and feels good all day.

    Durable, Snug & Comfy

    Wear it under your clothes or on top, it's going to fit you like a glove.

    Flexible material with easy to adjust straps allows you to fit the brace to your body under   any circumstances for maximum support.

    Use it at work, wear it while you sleep and enjoy full support when playing sports or at the gym.

    Doctor Recommended Support

    Multiple physicians have examined and tested this Shoulder Brace and unanimously agree that it meets and exceeds all requirements for proper shoulder joint support. This brace promotes rapid and appropriate healing of joints, tendons and muscle tears.

    Durable & Reliable

    Made from highest quality neoprene, this Shoulder Brace is remarkably durable and flexible.

    It is also very easy to clean, ensuring long life and a proper fit over time.

    Special Add-on Support Benefits

    Use the special pressure pad for increased shoulder support and compression.

    You can also insert an ice pack for faster and more effective pain relief.

    Easy to Use

    Made from a flexible material that stretches to fit you and is easy to adjust to your exact needs.

    The innovative hook and loop straps allow you to put the brace on and take it off quickly and without any assistance.

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