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    Sara® Flex with Handles


    Optimised patient support

    Promotes comfort and security throughout and at the completion of the sit-to-stand movement

    Easy to use with enhanced manoeuvrability

    Delivers enhanced manoeuvrability and requires no adjustment, ensuring ease of use

    Comprehensive patient coverage

    Enables one caregiver to perform sit-to-stand tasks for a wide range of patients in the Carl mobility spectrum

    Ergonomic forward movement

    • Forward movement, in combination with the flexible leg support, enables an ergonomic and comfortable sit-to-stand movement1

    Small and light

    • Keeps Sara Flex at an optimal size that is non-intrusive and suited to the needs of patients that may otherwise be intimidated by balky or cumbersome handling equipment

    • Designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, ensuring vulnerable patients remain calm during the sit-to-stand transfer

      Low footplate with horizontal position

    • Facilitates an ergonomic sit-to-stand movement that is specifically designed to feel smooth and natural for the patient

    • Enables easy foot placement while supporting and enhancing the sit-to-stand movement

    Easy-to-use hand control with display

    • Ensures the sit-to-stand task is quick, minimally exertive and hassle-free

    • Ensures caregivers can work closely with their patient and intuitively read weight or manoeuvre the lift

    Patient handle

    • Easy-to-grasp and angled patient handle helps ensure comfortable positioning of hands, wrists and elbows throughout the sit-to-stand movement

    Caregiver handle

    • Flexible grip with intuitive ergonomic efficiency

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