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    Repose Contur with Cover & pump

    CONTUR Combines enhanced comfort with pressure area care. Repose Contur is a pressure redistribution cushion overlay for riser recliner chairs utilising the Repose tried and trusted inflatable air cell and ‘smart valve’ technologies. Offering pressure area care to the seat, back and leg sections, it secures to the chair easily and safely with straps and thus it can either be fitted to new chairs or be a straightforward retro-fit for users who already have a chair and require a specialist support surface.
    Product #: 2365044621RF


    • Specially formulated extra resistant to chemical disinfectants, especially chlorine.
    • Adjustable straps for a secure fit on a range of chair sizes.
    • Repose tried and trusted single air cell and smart valve technologies.
    • The zip has an integral cover flap for added protection against fluid ingress.
    • Provides pressure redistribution across the whole surface for the at-risk areas of the body –  sacrum, buttocks, scapulae, vertebrae, shoulders, back of head.
    • Sophisticated technology in a simple to use recliner chair overlay cushion.
    • Secure strap system allows for straightforward retro-fit or new chair use.
    • The cover can be wiped down or machine washed at 60ºC.
    • Cost effective method to provide pressure area care to a recliner chair.


    Repose Contur

    • Contents: 1 x Repose Contur Inflatable Inner Section, 1 x Contur Cover & 1 x Small Pump
    • Inflated Dimensions: L 1715mm x W 490mm x H 50mm
      • Inflated Back Section Dimensions: L 745mm x W 490mm x H50mm
      • Inflated Seat Section Dimensions: L 425mm x W 490mm x H50mm
      • Inflated Leg Section Dimensions: L 480mm x W 490mm x H50mm
    • Max Patient Weight 305 lbs
    • Inflation, deflation and repacking instructions: Please see download tab for instructions.
    • Cleaning instructions: Please see download tab for cleaning guidance.


    Repose products provide effective pressure redistribution for all people at risk of developing pressure ulcers, including those assessed as very high risk. Repose is also appropriate for users with pressure related tissue damage – clinical supervision is advised where the damage is severe.


    Repose is not suitable for the following:

    • Persons weighing in excess of 139kg
    • Persons with unstable spinal fractures
    • Where body shape is such that the person cannot be fully supported by the Repose mattress overlay or cushion
    • Repose is suitable for use with bed and trolley side rails subject to the bed or trolley manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate risk assessment


    If deterioration in skin condition is noted, clinical advice should be sought and, if so advised, use of the product discontinued. Avoid direct contact with heat and sharp objects. When deflated, keep away from babies and small children. Keep away from pets.

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