ReadyWrap Gauntlet

Provides coverage from the wrist to MCP and overlaps the ReadyWrapTM arm garment to reduce gapping.  Left/Right specific design contours more naturally to the hand.  Built in padding for palm and dorsum helps provide consistent compression over bony prominences.
Manufacturer: Solaris MED
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Our new ReadyWrap Gauntlet includes built in padding over the dorsum to improve contouring to the back of the hand and help provide an even compression. The gauntlet doesn't stop at the hand though; it also provides thumb coverage with a unique adjustable strap.


INDICATIONS Lymphedema, Indurate Tissue, Varicose Veins, Venous Insufficiency, Acute or Chronic Edema, Venous (Stasis) Ulcer, Post Sclerotherapy
CONTRAINDICATIONS Arterial Insufficiency or Degeneration, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Untreated or Congestive Heart Failure, Untreated Cancer, Untreated Infection, Absent or Severely Impaired Sensation, Allergy to Material, Severe or Moderate Peripheral Arterial Disease, Severe Cognitive Impairment
MATERIALS Nylon Backing: 100% Polyamide; Exterior: 72% Nylon, 17% Lycra, 11% Elastane; Foam: 100% Polyurethane; Arm Liner: 85% Meryl, 16% Spandex
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Hand wash in warm water with a drop of mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. To dry, lay on a lint-free or flour-sack towel and squeeze your ReadyWrap to remove excess water. Lay flat on a dry towel to finish drying. Take care to ensure the hook does not contact your towel. Do not iron.