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    The RCAI Resting Hand Orthosis is made of heat moldable thermoplastic for patient customization. The raised lateral palmar ridges of the orthosis discourage radial or ulnar deviation and reinforce the orthosis to accommodate muscle tone and spasticity.

    The RHO offers a functional resting hand position following stroke, trauma and injury as secondary casting post-surgically and can be used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, arthroplasties, burns, and early wrist and finger contractures.

    The breathable foam liner wicks moisture away from the skin.

    Sizes Available:

    Small- 2.5" - 3" (6.4cm - 7.6cm) PRODUCT LENGTH- 11" (27.9cm)

    Medium- 3" - 3.5" (7.6cm - 8.9cm) PRODUCT LENGTH- 11.5" (29.2cm)

    Large- 3.5" - 3 3/4" (8.9cm - 9.5cm) PRODUCT LENGTH- 11" (33cm)

    XLarge- 3 3/4" - 4 1/4" (9.5cm - 10.8cm) PRODUCT LENGTH- 14.5" (36.8cm)

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